5 Tips to Freshen Up Your Closet on a Budget


Maintaining a fresh wardrobe that is stylish and personable is not always easy, primarily when you are supporting a household or if you have a limited income each month. Using a few budget-friendly tips, learn how to keep your closet fresh with a bit of frugal shopping and the ability to compare all of your options before making your next purchase.

1. Shop at Secondhand Stores

Frugal shopping is key to saving money while sticking to any clothing budget you have available. Consider shopping at local secondhand stores and thrift shops to maximize your budget while discovering finds you love at a great price. Many thrift and secondhand shops carry a wide range of clothing styles along with high-end brands at steep discounts (often for a fraction of the price).

Visit your local thrift stores to learn more about sale dates and how to make the most out of your in-store shopping experience. Many secondhand stores and thrift shops have designated days for different sales, allowing you to save even more money than the original discount you are provided. Visit multiple secondhand stores near you to compare inventory and to learn more about different dates that are best to visit each month to make the most out of any budget you are working with while shopping for a new and fresh wardrobe.

2. Use Online Coupon Codes

Online coupons have become more popular than ever with the advent of Amazon and other major online retailers. Shopping online is convenient and often allows you more choices to help with saving money and cutting down on the overall cost of your purchases, whether you are shopping for clothing or household appliances. As eCommerce becomes more prevalent in the marketplace, using online coupons is a way to cut costs while getting more for your money any time you shop online. A powerful and resourceful website to find steep discounts and clothing coupons is DontPayFull, where you can find current and updated coupon codes for your favorite retailers before checking out the next time you purchase clothing from an online retailer.

3. Buy in Bulk

Buying clothing and wardrobe accessories in bulk is another way to save money long-term. When you have a favorite pair of jeans or type of sock that works best for you, search online for bulk deals or check local outlets for bulk sales available. Shopping in bulk is advisable when you have a preferred item you have worn over time, such as a blouse or a pair of jeans you just can’t get enough of each week. Buying in bulk is a great way to build a classy, chic, and professional work wardrobe, allowing you to wear classy blouses and work pants at a discounted price. While buying in bulk is not always as easy as visiting your favorite retailer in-store, it can be done with a bit of research online to find manufacturers and suppliers that are willing to provide discounts to those who are interested in purchasing multiples of the same item.

4. Revamp Old Clothes With a Bit of Creativity

Getting a bit creative is another way to freshen up your closet, especially if you are still fond of the clothing and accessories you currently own. Revamping old clothing is possible by mixing and matching shirts, blouses, and bottoms with different and unique accessories. Organizing your closet and your current clothing are the first steps to revamping your wardrobe with a unique twist. If you are a seamstress, consider utilizing the fabric from clothing you no longer wear to craft one-of-a-kind ensembles that reflect your personality and individual sense of style. Mixing and matching fabrics allow you the opportunity to creatively express yourself without overspending on an entirely new wardrobe at any time during the year.

5. Search for In-Store Sales and Liquidation Sales

Seek out in-store sales and liquidation events in your local area for massive discounts and savings. Whether a store is going out of business or a holiday is approaching, take advantage of shopping for new wardrobe clothing and accessories to save. Shopping for off-season clothing is highly recommended when you are on a budget but still have an interest in maintaining your sense of style and fashion. As a season comes to an end, stores often host major sales to help with clearing inventory that is no longer selling or necessary to shoppers (until next year). Check local listings, follow your favorite retailers online, and download apps relevant to stores you prefer to discover when the next big sale is occurring near you.

Using budget-friendly tips combined with frugal shopping, keep your closet fresh and packed with new styles year-round. With adequate research and access to the right tools and resources, never go without your favorite garments again.

Author bio:

Irina Vasilescu is the financial editor behind many of the projects over at DontPayFull, as well as their crafty designer. Check out their blog for more personal finance and DIY content!