5 Tips to Ensure a Happy & Healthy Diwali


With the festival of lights and fireworks around the corner, everyone is busy with celebrations by making sweets, decorating the house, and shopping. At the same time, itís essential to stay safe and healthy on Diwali. Most of the people may have to face complications like burns, skin allergies while bursting crackers. 

There are chances of experiencing health issues because fireworks and crackers are filled everywhere, to prevent yourself from injuries itís recommended to keep a first aid kit handy which must include cream, inhalers, eye drops, etc. Ensuring a safe celebration is a must, here are few things to keep in mind to celebrate a safe and healthy Diwali. 

Candles and Diyas

Diwali is all about lighting up the beautiful candles and diyas to spread positivity and happiness. But itís important to stay safe while lighting the candles because there are chances for burns, so use sturdy holders for candles and check your lamps arenít cracked. Keep the lamps on a flat, heat-resistant surface; donít allow children to light the candles. 

Avoid wearing synthetic and nylon clothes instead use cotton because youíll be moving around the diyas multiple times, so stay safe. Itís also recommended to avoid clothes with a lot of layers and loose ends as there is a risk of catching fire around firecrackers and diyas. Be alert at all times and respond proactively if a spark comes from diyas. 

Eat healthily

On this Diwali, prepare delicious sweets and dishes at home to stay healthy. Itís important to get the right ingredients and cook at home in time for Diwali. Be generous with nuts, seeds, and dried fruits, almonds, apricots, dried figs, and sesame seeds in a good amount. 

Prepare healthy salads if youíve friends and family over for dinner, eating salads every day will keep you hydrated. Ditch the boring salads and add a little amount of sparkle to fruits and vegetables. For your Diwali recipe buy fruits such as oranges, apples, banana, coconut and eat healthily. 

Add cashew and pistachio to add a rich flavor to your Diwali cooking plan, store it in an airtight container, and use it whenever you need. 

Stay hydrated 

Itís significant to stay hydrated; you must hydrate your body with plenty of fluids before a night event on Diwali. Drink healthy drinks and prepare salads like apple-pomegranate, fresh-sweet salad, fiery-green salad, etc. Just peel cubes of orange, pomegranate, apples, and sesame seeds to have a healthy salad. Eat fiber-rich foods to reduce your cravings. 

Keeping ourselves hydrated is an effective method to escape from health issues; it will satiate your hunger pangs. Water provides hydration to every cell of the body and absorbs nutrients. Instead of having coffee, tea, you can drink lemon water, fresh juice, or other healthy drinks. Staying hydrated will clean waste materials from the body and helps satiate your hunger pangs. 

Ensure the Quality of Crackers

Fireworks are the most important part of celebrations, Diwali is nothing without crackers. Itís important to buy the branded firecrackers because low-quality crackers cause a lot of health issues. Nowadays, you can get crackers from online stores; Shopcrackersonline.com is the best online store where you can get branded crackers at affordable prices.

There are different varieties of fireworks available in the market like 3D fireworks, electric fireworks, ground spinner, sparklers, rockets, comets, etc. 3D fireworks are the popular crackers in India, and there are 20 different types like flower pots, roman candles, sparklers, comets, aerial shells, etc. 

Flower pots or fountains are famous because kids love these crackers for their colorful sparks and for bright displays. Pick the eco-friendly and pollution-free crackers to save the environment. 

First-aid Kit

One of the common issues during Diwali is skin burn, so itís good to keep the first aid kit to handle wounds. Band-aids, gauze pads, scissors, tweezers, antiseptic, disinfectant, and disposable gloves must be included in the kit for safety.

Buy a large pack of band-aids in a variety of sizes; it can be used for scraped elbow or other accidents. The next essential kit is gauze pad as it can be used in case of significant injuries and cuts, to escape from fire burns make use of this kit.

Use a disinfectant or antiseptic like alcohol or hydrogen peroxide for cleaning wounds; this is done for preventing from infection. In case of eye injury, donít rub your eyes instead wash with clean water for 10 minutes to avoid damages. 

Final words

Spread happiness this Diwali and celebrate this fantastic festival safely with all your loved ones. Just follow the above tips to enjoy a safe, happy Diwali.†

Image credit: Diwali via Irina Qiwi/shutterstock