5 Tips To Develop A Law Firm Blog

Credit: Markus Tacker

Blogging has been a trend that has been going on for a while now, but even after all these year it still manages to continue growing as more and more people start one. If youve been thinking about starting a blog for your law firm, it may be a worthwhile endeavor as more and more begin to. So if youre running a site likeSt. Catharines Person Injury Lawyers, then a blog may be right for you. Here are some expert tips.

Find Your Niche

So we know that youre a law firm, but what exactly is your law firm going to blog about? You can say law, but thats fairly generic. One thing that attracts people to blogs is specifics. So first decide if you want to blog for your clients or for professionals in the industry. Once that is determined, its time to choose a list of topics that will appeal to the group you chose. Spend some time creating your niche and write a few test articles in it to make sure you have enough to say about it.

Advertise It

Advertise your blog posts when they come out by putting some money behind them on Facebook and Twitter. This will significantly increase your readership so when you start you dont write for an empty audience.

Create A Share Option

Your colleagues on LinkedIn and clients on Facebook and Twitter may want to share your content, so make sure to give them the option to. It will help you to grow your blog for free and the more shares your article has, the more credibility viewers perceive it as having.

Attach Your Blog To Your Website

Instead of creating a whole new website for your blog, just launch it within your current law firms website. Make it as a tab so that people can easily peruse it. Also, make sure to divide your blog into sections so it can be navigated well. Anytime you can embed links to previous articles within your newly published articles as well so that you can keep readers on your blog for longer.

Invite Guests

Invite your colleagues and peers from other law firms to post on your blog from time to time. This will be a refreshing break for your readers to hear a new voice weigh in on issues and it can strengthen those valuable bonds with your peers as both of you benefit. Plus, they can share their article with their clients, allowing it to be seen by two audiences.

Creating a blog may be the most valuable new initiative you can set out on to bring more people to your website and to make yourself appear as one of the top experts in the field.