5 tips for improving content writing and copywriting

content writing and copywriting

Copywriting and SEO are inseparable. They somewhat go hand in hand. Though they are very effective separately as well when they are combined that work great to enhance the visibility of the website

Effective copywriting provides a brand with an image very similar to what design does. Ideally, the content creates and enhances the context in which the business exists. Through effective copywriting, it is possible to grab the attention of the audience, but it is the content which shows off the expertise of the business.

However, none of this will matter if it is not backed by effective SEO. As the competition in the market is growing stronger, your SEO tactics must build upon it too.

In that light, the demand for SEO copywriters has increased profoundly in recent times.  However, if you are an entrepreneur or anyhow connected to the digital business world, you should know that copywriters and content writers do not have the same SEO pro. However, it is important that they have a certain amount of knowledge regarding SEO.

So for that purpose, these five commandments are essential:

Beware Of Delicacy- Don’t Even Copy Your Content:

Duplicating content just for quantity can have a reverse effect on your SEO efforts. Though no copywriter or content writer will have this heinous thought, it’s important to highlight this very crucial point.

It must be understood that every piece of duplicated content, in fact, a duplicated sentence too brings down your SEO score.

Duplicating content becomes more prevalent when content writers face “writer’s block”. Indeed, these are tough times when one is fresh out of topics to write on but a quick brainstorm with a colleague can do you a world of good. In addition to writer’s block, site immigration, technical bugs, and malware also cause content duplication.

 Write Fresh and Up-To-Date Content:

Outdated content always has a negative effect on the user experience of a site. This becomes crucial if you are working in the marketing sector where new information pops up by the minute. Thus you need to upgrade your content quality and keep it updated.

Though this is a time-consuming process, updating old content than creating new ones is a good practice. This helps in two important ways. First, it shows your users that your site is a constant source of information and second, since the page is already indexed with the search engine it has a certain value. You can revamp your old content by creating some fresh images or by creating an infographic of your old textual content.

Do Not Forget To Add Keywords Throughout Your Content:

Though this may seem like a silly point for an SEO expert, some people get so engrossed with their creativity and style that they forget to insert keywords that are crucial to the growth of the business.

Keywords play a dual role in a piece of content. First, it allows one to choose the direction of the content and shows what the audience will like to read and second it helps one choose the topics. 

Using the correct tool for a keyword search is thus important, and it must be strategically placed throughout the content to enhance the reach of the business.

A professional SEO company always recommends creating a keyword-rich content that not only is unique to its readers but also for search engines.

Don’t Forget To Add Relevant High Authority Resources In Your Link:

It is always important to teach something to the audience who take an interest in your content. In that light, link your content to the source link so that your audience can read further.

Quoting sources also makes your content authentic and your reader will not have to search for the tool you have mentioned in your content.

In addition to outbound linking, inbound linking can also prove effective and can improve the overall ranking of your page. For instance, say you are writing about beauty products and you have another premium quality blog on your website about the same topic, do not shy away from adding the link.

Write For the Audience Not For Google

Always borne in mind that the algorithm is made to satisfy the intent of the reader they are also improved quite often so that the users will have to put in minimum effort on their part. Thus, it is important to write keeping your followers in mind and that way not only will you be ranked high in the search engines, but your business will also grow.

Using these 5 tips for improving content writing and copywriting, you can make a difference in your existing content and can also enhance your overall rank on Google. So do not hold back from creating some excellent content. All the best!