5 Tips to Choosing the best DJ controller as a Beginner

As with anything, learning a new skill can seem like an uphill battle as there is much to learn. Whether you are learning how to play an instrument or you are learning to DJ your favorite tunes, there is a lot to comprehend and memorize. From learning how your equipment works to ensuring that you are prepared for any potential missteps along the way, learning to DJ is not for the weak. One of the most important aspects of being a DJ is the ability to work your equipment.

It can be intimidating at first as you are trying to multitask and learn the inner workings of a mixer, controller, speaker system, software, and turntable but with patience and persistence, you can do it! While it is certainly feasible to learn how to DJ on equipment that is not your own, you will want to eventually invest in having your own setup. This article will provide some helpful tips to choosing the best DJ controllers for beginners.

  1. Budget. Before you begin shopping for a controller, it is important to consider your budget. It would be detrimental to have your heart set on a great controller only to find out that you cannot afford it. There is no harm in purchasing a controller that you can afford and then upgrading later to one that is more expensive.
  2. Features. Before you set out to find a controller, it is important to think about the features that you want to have. Some controllers offer scratch patches, built in audio interfaces, sliders for great effects, and many other unique features. Your budget will most likely determine what features you can afford but if you know that you want a controller with certain scratch patches, knowing this will help you narrow down the products to choose from.
  3. DJ Software. This is important as not all controllers will be compatible with all software programs. If you are unsure of what software package you will use, you can choose any controller as once you do, you can then select your software suite. You may want to take into consideration the type of software that is included in the controller ou purchase as some provide a full suite of software while others do not. In addition, some controllers are universal and can be used with any software program. It is important to keep in mind that not all controllers have this level of functionality so if that is of importance to you, be sure to look for a controller that offers universal compatibility to software packages.
  4. Manufacturer warranty information. When you set out to purchase any piece of equipment for your DJ gigs, be sure to check out the manufacturer warranty information. It may make a difference to you if your controller is under warranty for a period of time. This can be an important factor in deciding which brand and product to go with as DJing can be a rough job from time to time and it is possible for your equipment to get damaged during travel. Knowing that you have a manufacturer’s warranty can give you great peace of mind.
  5. Consumer reviews. Before you invest in the perfect controller, be sure to read a variety of consumer reviews. Consumer reviews will help you get an unbiased perspective on the controller and it will also give you an idea of what you can expect from the equipment.

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