5 Things you should know about Amazon Marketplace

The Amazon marketplace is a large online platform where third-party sellers can offer their products for sale through Amazon. The fact that Amazon sells products all over the world means that you will have access to a huge market and the Amazon brand should make your selling experience one of the best things you could wish for as a business person. Before you can sign up for a seller account on Amazon, you need to know the terms and conditions of selling on the platform.

Amazon MarketplaceWhether you are a marketing company or an individual seller on the platform, here are 5 things you need to know about the Amazon Marketplace:

  1. What does Amazon Offer Sellers?

As a seller on Amazon, what are some of the things you will expect from the company? Well, you need to know that as a third party seller, the Amazon platform will offer you buyers of your products. The Amazon name is a brand that is well known the world over. As an online selling platform, you are assured of buyers from all over the world. Yours is only to provide a product that is of the highest quality and the best price for it to be competitive. As long as your product is well packaged, competitively priced and well marketed, you are assured of a sales.

  1. What should you deliver?

As the seller on the platform, definitely, there are some basic things that you have to accomplish. The company is customer-centric, meaning that they want their customers to get the best products for them to come back for more. Amazon will expect a third party seller to offer a good product listing with clear images and descriptions. You will also be expected to ship the product to your buyers promptly, as well as offer the best customer service to your clients.

  1. Begin Selling on Amazon Marketplace

You can begin selling products on Amazon marketplace as a third-party seller. You can also become an Amazon vendor, where you directly sell goods to Amazon and they will sell the products for you on the Marketplace. As a third-party seller, you will need to source for goods and list them on Amazon, manage the product listing, as well as control the pricing and the shipping of the products. Here, you will pay fees to Amazon for all the products you sell on the platform.

  1. It’s easy to run an Amazon business

Once you become an Amazon seller, you will benefit from what is known as Fulfilled-by-Amazon, or FBA. Amazon will use their massive networks of planes, warehouses, and trucks to ship the products of the third party business owners. You only need to send Amazon your inventory and they will do the rest of the selling process for you. Amazon also offers coaches to help you in the selling process. They will always be there for your success.

  1. Tons of information to help you pick products

Amazon will always be ready to offer you valuable information to help you pick products to sell on the platform. They rank every product with the BSR; the bestseller ranking system. This ranking is based on the product’s recent sales. The lower the BSR the better sales prospects of the product. Amazon customers also leave reviews after they buy products, meaning that you could benefit from the positive reviews. This should help you to sell more products.

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