5 Things You Can do to Get a Job via Linkedin

More than 120 million professional people around the world has joined LinkedIn. This list is increasing day by day, around 1 million people join every week. More than 2 million companies have there LinkedIn Company Pages.

But how many of you have a professional profile that can attract hiring companies? According to a research it was found that 87% of companies use LinkedIn for recruitment. Out of those millions of profiles available, recruiters use specific search terms or network connections to select the number of prospects.

Here are 5 tips which will maximize the chance of getting job.

1. Profile Headlines: Profile Headline is very important, its the first line of text that appears underneath your name and in search results.

You don’t need to include your job title, rather you should be clear, simple and concise. You can write a brief about your talent and qualities.

2. Summary and Experience: You must be sure that all important points are included in your profile summary. You should answer all the questions types Who, What, When, How and Why in your profile summary.

Next comes section of specialties, that contains keywordswhich makes your profile searchable. Just optimize your profile upto a limit.You must pay attention to summary and experience section as they are the mostsubstantialpart of your profile.

3. Company Name: Generally recruiters search by industry or skills. If your company haven’t been household name, briefly describe about your company.

If your former employer has been purchased since you left, use the name of the acquiring company name. And if you worked in a very large company, describe about that particular division.

4. Recommendations: Its good to have few positive recommendations. But do remember hiring managers follow up with thepeoplewho recommends you. They match all the offline and online comments.

If you have just started your career, you can get recommendations from professors, classmates or current colleagues.

5. Connections and Groups: You must accept most connection request as you may get an opportunity through these connections. Even the search results can be sorted by closest to furthest connection.

You must join few professional groups of your interest. Be the part of on going discussions or you can give answer to the questions asked by other group members. This will show your expertise. You must share news about the industry or companies as this will raise your connection visibility.