5 Things to Account for When Planning Your Wedding

Planning Your Wedding

Can you hear the bells? A wedding is around the corner! Weddings are an exciting time. They are an occasion to celebrate a union between two people that care about each other and are ready to commit to each other. But the period before a wedding can be busy and hectic.

Wedding planning is a very involved process, and there are many moving parts. Some people plan their weddings themselves, while others hire a professional event planner. But whatever you decide to do, it will help to read on to learn about some important things to account for when planning your wedding.


1. Weather

The weather may turn out to be your best friend or mortal enemy on your wedding day. If your wedding will be held indoors, then you really wonít have to worry much about the weather. If you host the event outdoors, try to also have some sort of covering you can set up last minute in case of rain.

2. Finding the Right Dress or Suit

The dress or the suit/tux that you are going to wear is one of the most important components of wedding planning! You will want to find the dress or suit that makes you look your best. But you will also want to think about what you want your bridesmaids and groomsmen to wear and how their style will compliment yours.

You can look for weddingdresses and suits in a variety of specialized stores, either online or at local boutiques. You will need to get your outfit altered so that it fits properly for the big day, so make sure you leave time for that.

3. Cake and Catering

Food is one of the most memorable parts of a wedding. If you plan to have a cake, make sure you find one that both you and your partner like. As you go throughout the planning process, sample different ones. You should also figure out what kind of meal you want to serve at your reception and be aware of dietary restrictions, such as vegetarianism or gluten-free.

4. Venue

The venue is one of the most important elements of planning. The venue you choose should be able to accommodate the number of guests you want, so create your guest list first.

You also need to find a venue that you can afford. And the venue doesnít have to break the bank. With the right decorations and some extra attention to detail, you can make a modest space look incredibly elegant. Some people have what is known as a destination wedding, which is when the wedding is held in a different country that all the guests travel to.

5. Music

Music is an integral part of a wedding. In the ceremony itself, music can be used as a spiritual or emotional tool. For example, if you have your ceremony in a church or other religious place, you can integrate hymns and some traditional songs. For the reception, music is also incredibly important. You should create a fun playlist that people can dance to!

Having a live band is another popular option. They can do originals and play covers that you request, but it will add more to your budget.

Getting Closer to the Big Day

When it comes to planning your wedding, the more time that you give yourself, the better. It is also important to be flexible if you can. As you plan your big day, make sure that you make proper accommodations for your guests. But itís also important to remember that although you want all your friends and family to have a good time, the day is meant for you and your significant other.

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