5 Things To Look For in A Digital Marketing Company

5 Things To Look For in A Digital Marketing Company

For every business looking to increase their online presence, ‘who should run marketing’ remains the million dollar question. For your profitability, it is important that you outsource marketing services to an agency working as your partner for an improvement in business outcomes. The agency must deliver real value. You should, therefore, choose a digital marketing agency whose marketing process aligns with your business objectives.

As a tax planning Toronto company, here are the essential factors to consider when outsourcing digital marketing:

  1. Integration of design and marketing

Exceptional design marks the base of a good marketing agency. But, design is just one part of the marketing equation, the agency should be in a position to integrate strategic marketing plans in the process.

To know that your company is in the right hands, you should ask for the company’s design process. The right company prioritizes function over form. It also employs data and apt marketing strategies in the process. The agency should inform you of the effective strategies and designs.

  1. Results-driven commitment

Does the company lie itself to your bottom line? Well, this is important because if it isn’t the case, it only means that the agency won’t focus on valuable marketing objectives. A results-driven agency focuses on qualified leads generated, conversion rates down the sales funnel, and SQL generated reports from their marketing efforts.

You should place particular attention on the agency’s metrics reporting process. The right metrics can show the growth, the success and the connection with your business outcomes.

  1. How experienced is the company?

The more experience a company has, within your niche, the higher the chances of success. An experienced company knows the strategies that work. They also have a grasp of your business’s competitors and target audience.

You may want to outsource services to an agency specializing in one niche.

  1. How does their marketing look like?

You can get feedback from other clients, but that feedback isn’t as convincing as a one-on-one experience on what the company does. For a clear picture of what to expect, carry out some due diligence.

How is the company’s website designed? Is it easy to navigate? Does it look professional? Is the content on the blog useful and something you’d like on your blog? How effective is their social media marketing strategy? Does the company use multimedia?

  1. Ranking

How does the agency rank on search engine result pages? Is the company listed on the first page? Do they run ads and do they rank high on the result pages consistently? In your search, use locations besides the keywords.


The best marketing agency has a reliable design process which is growth-driven. They should also be good at project management, performance tracking, communication and they should understand your company’s strategy. They should also have innovative and practical ideas.