5 Stunning New Street View Sights

Google has added some wonderful new sights in its globe-trotting mission to photograph the entire world for street view.

See the amazon rainforest

With these fantastic images, you can travel down the Rio Negro, trek through a forest trail, and see some of the communities that live in the amazon. For a close encounter of the Amazonian kind, check out this amazing shot of a leaping creature getting intimate with the Street view camera: bit.ly/frog289

Enjoy Japan’s Cherry Blossom Season

Google has captured the beauty of Japan’s famous sakura season, when the country’s cherry trees transform into a magnificent eruption of pink blossom. These images have been collected to show tourists some of the best blossom-spotting areas in Japan, but that doesn’t stop armchair travelers enjoying the sights.

Explore Thailand

Despite being hampered by serious flooding last year, the street view cars managed to reach Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Phuket, photographing landmarks such as the Grand Palace and the mountain-top monastery Doi Suthep. In an attempt to reach places the cars can’t, Google has sent its Trike (bit.ly/trike289) to Thailand, so look out for more, far-flung images soon.

Travel round Poland

Just in time for Euro 2012, street view has arrived in Poland, letting you enjoy the atmospheric town centres of Krakow and Warsaw, majestic views of the Tatra mountains, and Europe’s longest wooden pier in Sopot (it’s 515 metres long!).

Ride the Glacier Express in Switzerland

If you’re bored of the 8.34 from Euston, take a look at the amazing views from the Glacier Express in the Swiss alps instead. Breathtaking images are now available for the line between the towns Albula and Bergun. The street view Trike actually had to hop abroad the train to take the images. See how it was done in this You Tube video:
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