5 Steps to Take After a Slip and Fall Accident


No one plans for a slip and fall to happen. When the unexpected occurs, you might end up a bit scared or confused, but the question is, what will you do after that, especially if you are at home and probably alone?

If you are seriously hurt after slipping, take a step to seek medical attention. However, it might not be your fault that the accident happened. It might be due to premise liability. In such a case, you should sue the owner of the property. 

An easier way is to claim compensation for the damages incurred. You can consult a personal injury law firm to help you through the process. It is important to remember that the steps you will take immediately after the accident will determine your legal case’s success.

How Long Do You Have to Report a Slip and Fall?

Laws concerning how long you can take to report your slip and fall case vary from state to state. For example, in California, you shouldn’t take more than two years to report the accident. Most of the states would, however, recommend not taking more than six months. 

The best way to handle the incident is to present the claim to the defendant as soon as possible. Much needs to be done concerning the medical bills, time off work and even the pain and suffering. Therefore, the earlier the settlement is granted, the better.

Steps to Take After Your Slip and Fall Accident 

 1. Seek Medical Treatment

Your health should be the priority after a slip and fall accident. See the doctor to be properly documented, to create an expert record of your injuries. Moreover, going to the doctor prevents having the injury occur in another way.

Some injuries might not be apparent to you after the accident. The doctor will know places you have traumas you are unaware of and treat them before it worsens. You will need a full account of the injuries to enable a full recovery.

 2. Report the Accident

Make the owner of your property or the landlord aware of the slip and fall. Take a step further to involve a personal injury lawyer to help you obtain the justice you deserve. Remember to take note of all the details as the attorney will need them to pursue the settlement. Avoid offering a written copy to the owner of the property.

 3. Inspect the scene

The personal injury lawyer will assist you in checking what caused you to fall. The best time to take a look at what came off is just after the accident. Work backwards to determine what would have been done to prevent you from falling, as it will help in arguing for your claim diligently.

 4. Document Everything

Remember to take pictures of the exact location where you fell and jot down what you were doing before the accident. Collect names and contacts of all potential witnesses. Do not forget to include the exact time and date of the occurrence.

Having witnesses can prevent the defendant from trying to deny your version of events. Their statements could assist in proving your claim. 

 5. Work with an Attorney

The goal of the insurance company is to pay you as little as possible. To have the best legal action, consider having an experienced attorney on your side. The lawyer will handle negotiations with the other side to adjust their settlement to an acceptable amount. 

Handle Your Case as Soon as Possible

Do not let your slip and fall away. It is important to get a claim for a fair recovery. Seek medical attention immediately, and the sooner you look for a qualified attorney to lead you through the claim, the better.