5 Smart Home Devices to Have Now

The Internet of Things holds the promise that one day everything will be connected to the internet and their functions can be entirely driven by information. Think about it, perhaps the ultimate success is reached when people’s brains are connected to the internet. Wouldn’t that be the ultimate smart device? Until then, here are 5 smart home devices to have now. According to Jeremy Diamond, lawyer at Diamond and Diamond, “Some features provided by smart home devices not only provide utility, they can provide safety improvements as well.”

Amazon All-New Echo Dot (2nd Generation) $49.99

The Echo Dot is one of those things that are incredibly interesting but you think you can do without because you’re not sure if you really need it. This is good and well until you actually get one. You’ll think it’s the most awesome thing ever, at an incredibly good price to boot. The only reason to get the Echo at more than 3 times the price is if you have no better speakers. With the Echo Dot you can route music to any Bluetooth speakers at home. The laws of physics cannot be defied here – many dedicated speakers will sound better than the Echo’s minute 2.5-inch woofer and 2-inch tweeter.

So the Echo Dot is a voice-controlled device that connects to the Alexa Voice Service to do a lot of cool things – music, information, news, weather, locations, and online orders, all at the tip of your tongue. It’s also a home automation hub that lets you control supported devices with your voice. The list of compatible smart home devices grows virtually by the day.

Samsung SmartThings Hub (2nd Generation) $99.00

If you wish to control your smart home devices from anywhere with an app, then add the Samsung SmartThings to your inventory. This hub is developer friendly and can potentially be tweaked to work with any smart devices. There’s no clear-cut rule of what’s not possible but that also means you must be willing to tinker.

MagicLight Pro Smart LED Light Bulb $38.95

No hubs needed for these smart light bulbs that connect to your router. Android and iOS apps come with 20 pre-programmed modes to control one or a group of MagicLight Pro bulbs. They are compatible with Alexa voice control – just add the “Magic Home” skill. This 10W LED bulb (incandescent light equivalent of 80W) can be personalized from over 16 million colors with individual dimming of every color and various tones of white. Set timers and sync whatever light combination to music, this smart bulb is the coolest and screams value.

Sensi UP500W Smart Thermostat $129.00

This is a Wi-Fi smart thermostat with a mobile app for controlling the temperature of your home from anywhere. It’s the easiest to set up and compatible with Alexa voice control. What’s more, the Sensi UP500W also works like a traditional thermostat. Isn’t it refreshing to see that in with the new doesn’t have to mean out with the old?

Logitech Harmony Companion Remote $149.99

This smart universal remote (compatible with Alexa) lets you replace the IR remote controllers of all home entertainment devices and it can also be used to control many smart home devices, over 270,000 devices in all. The Harmony Hub is included for controlling hidden devices not in the line of sight.

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