5 Simple Ways to Learn How to Play Rummy Game


Learning rummy is as easy as the game itself. One important aspect about rummy that perhaps no other card game can beat is its simple game rules. You don’t need exceptional knowledge or be good at number crunching; anyone who understands numbers and their order can learn on how to play the rummy game easily. However, with regular practice and an ever-growing interest, you can master rummy easily in no time.

There are many resources available for you to learn rummy rules. Here, we have classified those into two main categories – Online resources and Offline resources.

Online resources

Today, the internet is the primary source providing an inexhaustive amount of digital resources related to rummy.

  1. Websites and blogs

There are several websites providing information on rummy that you would like to know. From how to play, the variants of rummy, the Indian rummy rules, to tips and tricks – you can find it all. Also, every rummy site has a ‘Tutorial’ section giving information right from the basics of the game to how to be a pro.  Blogs are an easy source of information too. With frequent blogs posts available on varied tops related to rummy, you will be definitely able to pick up the game in no time.

  1. Rummy videos

When you begin your journey of playing rummy, start with learning the basics with these online rummy videos that cover a vast range of topics about the game. Especially, the online rummy format which is faster than the conventional rummy, it is advised to browse through these videos in order to pick up the nuances of the game. There are demo videos too available on rummy sites to help to understand rummy rules better.

  1. Rummy community

Social media plays a crucial role in our lives today. As a result, there are several rummy communities on social media providing a platform for rummy enthusiasts to share information about the game and their passion for the game too.

Offline resources

These are the conventional means for information on rummy. They are none other than people who play rummy! Despite the advent of online rummy, offline resources still hold relevance when it comes to mastering the intricacies of the games. Some of the important offline resources are as below.

  1. Rummy experts

Since rummy is a popular game, there are several clubs and groups that you may find in your locality where rummy games are held regularly. Frequent those places and interact with rummy experts. Their insights about the game, take on situations, and tried and tested workarounds will enrich your knowledge about the game but open new horizons of learning. Nothing better than knowing from the horse’s mouth!

  1. Family and friends

Perhaps your uncles, aunties, friends or someone in your neighbourhood could prove to be a treasure-trove of information on rummy. As rummy is synonymous with celebrations in India at weddings, festivals, parties, and get-togethers, it has become a part of our social fabric. Hence, it wouldn’t be a surprise to find resourceful persons within your close circle.


Resources are all around you. It’s time you make the most of them and mark the beginning of an interesting journey with rummy.