5 Road Trip Safety Tips During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Road Trip Safety Tips

After so many months spent in quarantine, you may be itching to get out on the road for some adventure. From trying to navigate your career from home to watching as the whole country has shut their doors, the pandemicís stress has left many people feeling restless. A road trip can be the perfect cure for your COVID-19 boredom.

Although much of the country is slowly starting to reopen, there are still vital safety precautions that should be followed if you plan to travel. Social distancing guidelines and mask-wearing protocols are still in place in states across the country. If you want to set off on a road trip, you will still need to be careful and follow the rules.

An epic road trip takes a bit of planning to pull off without a hitch. From getting car insurance quotes to taking your car in for a tune-up, there are always a few things to take care of that will keep you safe on your trip. In the age of COVID-19, itís more important than ever before to be prepared when you travel. Letís take a look at a few road trip safety tips to follow during the pandemic.

Plan Ahead

There is still plenty of business and attraction closures as each state starts to get back to normal. If you have a particular destination in mind, you should be checking online to see if there are any restrictions. Many places have strict restrictions on guest capacity, social distancing, and mask-wearing. You may also want to check the infection numbers for a particular city or state that you will be visiting so you know the risks.


Your luggage and your car should be packed with all the essential sanitization items that will help keep you safe on your travels. Hand sanitizer, Clorox wipes, and a few extra masks should be in your bag and your car.

When you stop at a gas station or restaurant, itís essential to stay safe. These kinds of roadside stops are used by thousands of people daily and can be hotspots for infections. After visiting the bathroom or pumping your gas, clean your hands with sanitizer and wipe down your door handles.


You have to eat when you are on the road. If you can find a restaurant open to diners, wear your mask, and follow each businessís pandemic protocols. Ask for outside seating where possible. To avoid being around too many people, you can opt to get your meal at a drive-thru restaurant. You can also pack a cooler with food from home, including sandwiches, drinks, and snacks.


Hotels have primarily remained open during the pandemic, although they have limited their vacancies to guests. If you are looking for accommodations, make sure that you call ahead for a reservation. Talk to your concierge about the sanitization routine and their efforts to keep their guests safe. If you are looking for a more remote stay, try camping. You canít get much more socially distanced than setting up camp and enjoying the outdoors.

If you are dying to get out of the house after so many months in quarantine, a road trip is one of the safest vacations that you can take. Check all the restrictions, plan ahead, and hit the road safely on your post-pandemic road trip.