5 Reasons to Take a Closer Look at the Weed Pen

Smoking cannabis

Smoking cannabis with a pipe is a classic mode of consumption but not the most convenient. The smoke that comes from burning marijuana can be too hot or harsh and cause discomfort or cough. This problem is especially common for those who try marijuana for the first time.

Another disadvantage is that when smoking, it is difficult to control the exact dosage. But cannabis is mainly used for medical purposes: to relieve serious pain in cancer patients and those with hysteria, epilepsy, panic attacks, and other health problems. Everything can be medicine or poison — the only difference is in the dosage. So, it is very important to keep the dosage under control. For example, you can choose a high-quality liquid for a vape like THC distillate syringe Canada, which will give you the opportunity to independently and very accurately regulate the amount of product necessary to obtain a positive effect or pleasant experience.

How to Use a Distillate Syringe?

THC distillates are a new way to consume cannabis. The herb goes through the distillation and purification stages. The result is an effective concentrated product that can be felt as quickly as possible. This explains the increased demand for distillate syringes.

The product is available in different flavors, from cake and cherry pie to orange biscuits. There are about 20 flavors to choose from. Concentrated cannabis syringes are ready to use. You don’t need to do anything extra with the product.

Don’t miss the offer from the store Lady Jane Express (https://ladyjaneexpress.ca/shop/vapes). Here, when you buy 3, 5, or more syringes, discounts apply. You can choose products with different tastes — and the promotion is still valid. You don’t have to take the same ones.

5 Reasons Why You Should Try Marijuana Vape

Shopping and health benefits are not the only reasons to try the Lady Jane Express range. There are at least 5 more reasons to use vape pens:

  1. Nothing burns in the cannabis pen. In fact, this is steam that does not cause coughing and other unpleasant sensations.
  1. The steam turns out to be more varied in taste, acceptable for inhalation, and colder than when burning.
  1. The effect of using the pen is noticeable in just a minute.
  1. Vape pens are very compact and laconic, and they are very convenient to use on the road.
  1. Disposable pens make it easy to get started with marijuana. They do not require recharging or refueling.

Therefore, if you suffer from chronic pain, complex psychological problems, or are interested in trying new experiences, you should definitely stop by Lady Jane Express. Here, you will find everything you need for a positive cannabis experience.