5 Reasons to Ship Your Car Instead of Drive

Ship Your Car

Moving to a new home brings many complications on its own, but when it comes to taking your car with you, it may seem even more difficult. For luxury car owners or those who are moving across the country, driving your car might not be a viable option. Fortunately, there is the possibility to ship your car to your new home.

There are a myriad of benefits that come with shipping your car. As long as you do some research and make sure to choose a reputable car shipping company, your car will be in good hands.

If youíre not sure whether you should commit to shipping your car or continue looking for other options, here are some of the top reasons why you should ship your car instead of driving it.

#1. Focus on What Matters

Unlike drive-away car services or driving your car yourself, shipping your car provides peace of mind and allows you to worry about other factors in your move. When you hire someone else to drive your car over, whether itís a friend or a drive away company, youíll always be a little worried about how the drive is going.

Moving is a stressful process. In fact, some studies have shown that moving is the most stressful life event for many people. It even tops divorce.

When you have to think about multiple things such as moving your possessions, your car, and your family, this stress only increases and can make the entire process even worse.

Choosing to ship your car eliminates the need to worry about how youíll move your vehicles. While a professional shipping company handles your vehicles, you can focus on moving your family and possessions to your new home. Your car will be delivered to you without extra hassle.

#2. Save Time

Driving takes a lot of time. Even if youíre taking the freeway from Point A to Point B, youíre going to spend a lot of time in the car if youíre moving across the country. This time could be better spent unpacking at your new home, updating your address, or getting your kids settled in their new school, day care, or wherever.

Even moving halfway across the country will take days of driving when you factor in rest stops and overnight stays. Unless your family really loves road trips, driving your car will only make the move more tiring and time consuming.

#3. Keep It Safe

If you own luxury vehicles or just bought a new car, the last thing you want is to put it at risk of being damaged. No matter how careful you drive, driving your car across the country will always increase this risk. When your car is shipped, though, itís protected.

Many companies may offer both enclosed and open car carriers, but enclosed carriers provide the most protection for your vehicles. Enclosed carriers will protect your car from dirt, rocks, and the weather while itís being shipped to your new home.

Long distance moves can rack up miles on your car and put a lot of stress on your car. Your tires, brakes, and shocks will go through a lot on such a long drive, but when you ship your car, you wonít be faced with these problems. Whether your car is transported in an open or enclosed carrier, your car wonít go through excessive wear and tear or stress.

In the case where something does happen to your car during transit, the shipping company will have the insurance to cover it. To ease your mind about potential problems, though, you can follow this quick prep guide on how to keep your car safe during shipment.

#4. Save Money

You may not think of shipping your car as something affordable, but in the case of a long distance move, it often is. Driving across the country may seem simple enough, but itís actually a costly trip. When you factor in the costs of gas, hotel nights, food, and potential complications, youíll probably end up spending more than if you were to ship your car.

While every company will have different price quotes, you should be able to get an idea of the average costs to ship your car depending on your chosen transportation method, vehicle, and distance traveled.

Shipping companies will charge one fee to get your car to its new home. Based on your vehicleís weight, how far youíre shipping it, and the shipping service you choose, a shipping company will give you one quote for the entire process. When you choose to drive your car yourself, however, there are a lot of things that could go wrong and end up increasing the costs.

#5. Get Professional Assistance

Moving consists of a lot of unknown factors, but car shipping companies provide reliable and professional assistance throughout the duration of your carís shipment. If any problem arises or something changes, you wonít be left to figure it out on your own like you would if you were driving on your own.

As soon as you drop your car off with the shipment company, you can rest assured that your car is in good hands. In case of an accident, a professional will get in contact with you and take care of the situation. You can stay focused on moving and wonít be faced with the stress of a sudden change of plans.

Is It Really Worth It?

If youíre only moving a few hundred miles, then driving your car might still be a viable option. If you can complete the drive in a day or flying isnít an option anyway, then driving your car might be in your best interest.

In situations where youíre moving several hundred miles away or the drive will take more than a day or two, shipping your car will save you a lot of hassle and headache. You can continue packing your possessions and take a flight to your new home where your car will be delivered. You wonít have to take extra time off work just to get your vehicle to your new home.

When it comes to shipping a car, itís really up to you. However, if your car is new, the drive is more than a day or two, or youíre pressed for time, shipping your car is likely the best decision.