5 Online Dating Tips for 2020

Happy young girl with laptop on bed, online dating concept

One in three adults in the United States say that they have used an online dating website or app. 57% feel the overall experience was extremely positive… Internet dating has become very popular, more popular even than finding a date in the conventional way, through the offline world. It has been a huge change.

But the online dating world is also changing all the time, which is why what you had to do earlier to become successful may not work today. People change, their likes and dislikes also change. So what should you do in 2020 to become successful? Here are some great tips that will surely help you immensely.

Tip #1 – Make your profile honest

Don’t fall into the temptation of stretching the truth. Many do this mistake to appear more appealing. There can also be the fear of looking flawed. Remember, there is no perfect person. Everyone has flaws so learn to live with them. In fact, these are the qualities that make people unique. It will be counterproductive if you claim something and then the truth comes out later. Nobody likes a lying person. Read FuckSwipe reviews to know more about this dating website and see some of the profiles there.

Tip #2 – Focus on the username

In many dating websites you will have the option of having a username instead of your first name. A username can make you stand out, provided it is something interesting. An attractive woman will surely receive many messages. If the username is boring she will almost certainly skip the message you have sent. She will only click the ones that come with an interesting username. They are always eye-catching. So spend time thinking of a good username. This is entirely worth it.

Tip #3 – The right kind of messages

You will certainly be sending messages as well once you have found the profiles you like. Keep the message light and the tone friendly. The language should be positive. Try to keep the conversation going by asking a question. Mention something about the profile that caught your attention. But remember not to be too inquisitive or demanding. After all, this is still a very early stage. Also, make sure that you are not too eager. Never message the person two times in a day if the person did not reply. Move on if you do not receive a message in 3-4 days, maximum a week.

Tip #4 – Do not hit back

Never hit back if you don’t get a response. Sometimes, when people are ignored, they will call negative names or behave in a toxic way. This is strictly against online dating etiquette. You cannot hurt someone’s feelings just because he or she did not respond. Negative behavior or comments will only make you appear insecure.

Tip #5 – Stay safe

You may want to meet the person after a few rounds of chatting. This is perfectly normal. But when you do, make sure that you are safe. Meet in a public place. Let someone know that you are meeting your online date and also inform the person where the two of you will be meeting. Do not get too intimate so soon. Remember, you have met him or her online, and may not know the person very well yet. Give it some time.

Author: Sarah Hagi