5 Must-Have Pieces of Travel Gear

Travel Gear

When traveling, most people seem to think that the lighter they travel – the better. That is not necessarily true, especially if you plan to be on the road for a few weeks.

That being said – you don’t want to overburden your load with unnecessary items. A quick Google search will bring up endless possibilities for gear that you never even knew existed – or even realized you could ever need.

It is tough to see the wood through the trees, but if you’re planning on going on a campervan trip soon, this article will show you five pieces of travel gear that you definitely should get to make your trip a success:

1. Portable Water Hose

A portable water hose is an essential piece of traveling equipment. You must ensure that your RV or campervan has a steady supply of clean and potable water for drinking, cleaning, and cooking.

Not all water hoses are made equally, so do your research first – and ensure you get one that won’t taint your water supply with a funny taste or smell. For an added boost of protection, run your water hose through a filtration system too – to be extra safe.

2. Good Quality Leveler

Camping is supposed to be one of the activities that get a person closer to nature – in doing that, you will quickly realize that nature is not level. Sometimes you arrive at your campsite only to see a ton of uneven ground – levelling your campervan will allow it to operate safely and comfortably.

That is a vital tip for running a fridge or freezer too, they need to be level – otherwise they won’t work properly, and your food will get spoiled.

3. Electric Trailer Jack

The best electric trailer jack is one piece of equipment that you can’t live without. Well, that might be a tad melodramatic – you can live without one, but the question just becomes this, why would you want to?

These nifty machines help to make all camping, boating, or caravanning trips an absolute cinch. Instead of heaving away with a manual jack, opt for the easier-to-use option – the powered kind.

4. Sewer Hose

When it comes to practical gear, you should never go out with your campervan or RV without a good-quality sewer hose. Get into the habit of emptying your sewer tanks regularly to avoid any nasty smells or leaking during your trip.

When buying one, invest in the bigger version. That way, it won’t matter if the sewer connection is a little further from your camping site. Remember to buy all the necessary support items and connectors too, to ensure that everything goes according to plan and you aren’t left with a messy situation on your hands.

5. Folding Table

Even if you only plan on camping or caravanning for a few days, there are few items more practical than a folding table. These can come in handy when washing up, preparing meals, or even just for a few rounds of cards after dinner.

You can even use them to dry clothing in a pinch, provided there is enough sunshine.

To End

No matter what happens during your trip, if you stay prepared for all likely eventualities, you will have the best time. The best trips get planned – that way, you’re ready for action and have a backup plan if something goes wrong.