5 Motivations For Making Your Business A Success ASAP

5 Motivations For Making Your Business A Success ASAP


Everyone says they want a successful business, but success only comes to those willing to put in the work. Even when you want to do the work, running a business is hard, and without the right motivation, it’s easy to give up.

Being faced with an uncomfortable situation can lead you in one of two directions: toward your goal in a blaze of glory, or away from your goal in defeat.

Every startup goes through the process of starting from scratch – figuring out how to hire website developers, marketing professionals, and accountants along the way. It can be exhausting when it takes a while to get off the ground, but that doesn’t mean you should give in to defeat.

If you’re running out of steam, here are some motivations you can use to push through your rough patches:

  1. Focus on your highest potential in the future

If you can’t see your business achieving immediate success, look at how the bigger picture can unfold over time. Understand that all businesses have to start somewhere, and your path won’t be the same as everyone else’s. Some businesses take several years to see their first ounce of success, while others take longer.

“Rome wasn’t built in a day” is a wise saying. Ask yourself what your ultimate goal is for your business. Beyond making money, what is your vision? Do you want to uplift human consciousness? Are you trying to save the planet? Do you want to help millions of people better their lives? Are those goals worth sticking it out?

Wanting to quit is an illusion. It’s your mind’s way of giving in to your fears.

Molly Cain explains the illusion of quitting perfectly in her Forbes article, 6 Things You Should Quit Doing To Be More Successful. Cain shares, “They say that at the very moment you want to quit, you’re actually almost there. It’s the stupid human in us…we go so far and then our brains take over and tell us it’s too hard. When did we get the memo that life was supposed to be easy all the time?”

Staying focused on your dream will be an asset for staying motivated. It’s never going to be easy, but as long as you’re in love with your dream, you’ll keep going.

  1. Think about how you can support friends and family

Another great motivation to push through your obstacles is your ability to help friends and family. Being successful in your business will give you the breathing room to take your parents out for dinner, buy extras for your kids, and gift your best friend $500 when they need some car repairs.

It’s tough seeing people you love in need and being unable to help financially. Being successful in your business will give you the power to provide others with assistance, whenever and however you want.

  1. Consider the personal dreams you can accomplish with cash flow

If you’re like most people, you’ve put off taking a personal vacation because you can’t justify the cost. Or, your business will collapse if you leave. This is the best reason to push for success. You deserve a vacation, and cash is meant to be spent (within reason, of course).

If you’re planning on getting married, having cashflow will give you the ability to impress your fiancé by replicating one of these beautiful engagement rings worn by celebrities. Imagine paying for something like that without having to finance it!

Having a consistent cash flow opens up possibilities and adventures you didn’t have access to before.

  1. See your opportunity to become an industry leader

It’s one thing to have your eye on financial success. It’s another to be focused on a long-term reputation as a leader in your industry. You can’t become a leader by succumbing to failure; you have to press on. Leaders are leaders because they have been in the trenches and know how to lead others away before they fall in.

  1. Know that eventually, you’ll have a team working for you

Life as a business owner might be tough now, but if you keep going you’ll be able to hire a team to support you. It may not happen this month, but it will.

If you’re working alone or with a small team, it’s easy to get stuck in the uncertainty of how much longer you can hold it all together on your own. The secret is setting your sights on hiring a team and making decisions that support that goal.

These are just some motivations you can use to press forward. Do whatever it takes. Don’t stop when things get difficult. Success is always on the other side of your comfort zone.

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