5 Most Common ways to make money from a website

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Making money from a website, just a few years ago seemed impossible. But times have changed and so did the internet – nowadays, itís easier than changing a babyís nappy. To some extent, itís because of all the software that is now available online, which makes it so much easier to monitor how your website is doing (like for example Rankitor rank monitor).

More and more people are deciding to use blogs or other websites as a primary source of income. However, if you want to be one of them, you need to remember that nothing will come overnight. You need time to build a solid group of subscribers since they are mainly the reason behind you making money.

It will require some energy and hard work, but itís very much achievable. If you are determined and want to find out how to do so, keep reading.

ĎEmail Listí

This is one of the methods that need time to bring results. If you read any article about how to grow your blog, you probably encountered someone saying ďthe money is in the listĒ. What do they mean by that? Itís simple – your email list. In the end, you want to have followers that you will keep coming back to your website, and will be interested in keeping up with the newest content.

Also, remember that sending people emails filled with thousands of offers is not the best way to collect new loyal readers. Too many ads are one of the ways in which you can break the readerís trust.

Affiliate Marketing

This method is probably one of the most commonly used. And itís relatively quick. Affiliate marketing means that every time a person buys some product through the link or a banner that you posted on your website, you will receive a commission.

The first thing you should do is find some product that appeals not only to you but might also appeal to your subscribers. But remember that if you want to make the most of it, it should be something connected with your content. For example, if you have a photography blog, you can promote cameras and accessories for them. If you have a fitness/lifestyle content, you can promote gym equipment. You can write an article and add the link to the product, write a review about it or place a banner with it on your website.

Itís not difficult to find an affiliate program. But if you have difficulties with doing so, you can type into Google the productís name + affiliate. If they have one, you should be able to find it this way. And nowadays almost every product has an affiliate program.

The commission that you will get might be anywhere between 30% to even 70%, just for advertising it on your website. Sounds cool, right?

Google Adsense

Itís pretty evident that ads are one of the best ways in which you can earn money through a website, and Google Adsense helps you with that. How does it work? Itís pretty easy.

The first step is signing up for Google Adsense. You need to make your ad spaces available through pasting ad code to your website, and choose where you want the ads to be. People who want to put their ads on your site are taking part in a real-time auction. The one with the highest bid wins. Google handles all the processes connected with billing so that you will receive your money.

One of the benefits of choosing Adsense is that Google chooses ads which are connected with the content you are publishing. It also brings you a pretty steady income since you get paid every time someone clicks on the advertisement. If you have enough traffic, you can earn hundreds, if not thousands of dollars each month.

Digital Products

Another thing that is very popular lately is creating your own digital product like, for example, a book. It doesnít even have to be lengthy – it can be a PDF and contain around 30 pages. You can sell it through your website, which reduces any costs that might come with publishing the book in the paper version.

But before doing that, try to understand what people that are visiting your website would be interested in reading about. For example, if you have a fitness blog, and you decide to write a book about mechanical engineering, not many people will be interested in buying it because itís not what they were looking for on your website. But if you write a recipe book with healthy dishes or a book that contains several exercises that anyone can do at home – thatís a different story.

Premium Content and Membership

If your articles are so good that people keep coming back for more, you can always ask them to pay for it, but of course not directly. Start a membership program, where people who are part of it can access premium content, unavailable to regular readers. A lot of people donít mind paying for something that they enjoy.

To do so, you need to start by knowing what the premium content will be. New articles, or maybe videos? Everything is up to you. Next, you need to need to set up a membership area – itís where they will be logged in.

After youíve done that, comes the most important part – marketing, because what would you need the premium content for, if there would be no people to read or watch it. You can do it by adding an add in the emails, which says that if the reader liked the content so far, he would enjoy even more the premium version. Another way is to release an affiliate program for your website, which will not only bring money but also increase the traffic.


The methods presented above are just a drop in the ocean. There are many more ways in which you can earn money from a website, like for example sponsored posts or live workshops. Itís your choice. Good luck!

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