5 Major Upcoming Trends for Online Gambling Industry in 2021

Hand holding card playing online gambling

The last few decades have been exciting for the gaming industry. Thanks to the internet, casino games have become accessible to players from around the world. Improved availability increased the number of players and revolutionized the entire business.

Due to the pandemic, not many industries can say that 2020 was successful for them. However, the fact that people stayed at home and looked for fun ways to spend the time attracted them to online gambling. The experts estimate that the internet gaming market value increased to 66.7 billion in 2020. They also claim the growth will continue over the coming years. Here is what 2021 has in store for the online gambling industry!

Giant Economy Changes in 2020

The world economy suffered a real hit caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Many industries were forced to reorganize and focus on doing their business from home. That saw many businesses adapting by implementing changes like holding meetings online and communicating via software solutions. It doesn’t come as strange that Zoom and other video conference tools are among the most popular apps of 2020.

Since the pandemic is still not over, more people decide to work and spend their free time at home. That includes resorting to leisure activities they haven’t tried before, such as video games, movie streaming services, and playing casino games online.

Online Gambling Industry Adaptation

It didn’t take a lot for the internet gaming industry to adapt to the new situation caused by COVID-19. That is primarily because its focus was already on playing online.

However, many providers recognized their opportunity to attract new players. If you check out the top South African real money online casinos reviewed by CasinoHEX, you discover that they added new bonuses, tournaments, and games to improve their offer. It’s nice to see that operators are doing their best to provide players with a fantastic gaming experience.

What could change for the online gambling industry in the coming months? Most experts agree that growth is certain, but what trends can we expect in 2021? Here are the five ways we believe the industry will change soon!

Although there are no exact statistics, over 90% of gaming platforms support playing on the go. Players have been using mobile phones as their primary playing device for years, and the operators adapted. However, we expect to see mobile gaming and cross-platform support becoming better than ever in 2021.

That includes a higher number of dedicated apps for iOS and Android, and not only mobile-friendly gaming platforms. Casino operators also strive to ensure a flawless transition from one device to another. That means you can enjoy any game equally on PC, smartphone, or tablet. Additionally, mobile payments and the entire interface will be further improved to accommodate the players’ needs.

2.     Additional Cryptocurrency Options

The online gaming industry already welcomed cryptocurrencies, but they are not as widespread as expected. Only a portion of internet casinos accept crypto, and most of them restrict its use to Bitcoin.

Since crypto transactions will become more popular in 2021, we expect them to become a new trend in the gaming industry. Players should be able to invest and withdraw funds quickly, and they can expect support for more cryptocurrencies. That could include Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and others.

3.     New Responsible Gaming Features   

The industry doesn’t run away from its problems, and gambling addicts are the top issue at the moment. That is why we expect online casinos to start using AI and advanced technology to protect players. The technology can be utilized to keep track of how players play and identify those with a potential problem.

That way, the platform could recognize and offer assistance to users before they become severely addicted.

Apart from this, more platforms will adopt responsible gaming features. That includes loss limits, self-inclusion, and other measures that players can set within their profiles.

4.     4K Live Gaming with Actual Human Dealers

Data transfer has become faster than ever, and live casino games used that opportunity to improve their services. 4K resolution will become the standard when it comes to streaming live gaming sessions. That will ensure the broadcasting meets the latest standards when it comes to video quality.

While live gaming resembles the atmosphere of a land-based casino, 4K resolution enhances the entire experience. Apart from seeing every detail on the table clearly, you can also enjoy superb sounds contributing to the atmosphere.

5.     Personalized Bonuses

Most platforms welcome new customers with tempting packages that include bonus funds and free spins. Those deals could become available before or after the initial deposit.

In 2021, we expect the online casinos to re-shape these bonuses and tailor them to players’ preferences. That means users can choose whether to grab a special roulette bonus or use the welcome poker offer. Other adjustments might be available, too, such as the ones based on the estimated cash you will invest on the platform.

Final Thoughts

Next year will be exciting for the internet gambling industry. It seems that growth is certain, but adjusting to the current trends will ensure to maximize revenue. Players can look forward to these changes as they will make it more attractive to play online. From expanding mobile gaming support to adding new currencies and personalized bonuses, we are in for an exciting ride with web-based casinos in 2021!