5 major facts about push notifications to increase your sales instantly

Mobile Push Notifications

When it comes to increasing sales, the marketing strategy plays a crucial role. It doesn’t matter whether you are a large-scale business owner or a small-scale business owner, if you fail to play the marketing card right, you will lose to your competitors.

This is why you should implement push notifications in your marketing strategy. You can go with React Native Push Notifications, Android push notifications, or iOS push notifications. These all are capable enough to boost your sales.

Want to know how?

Here are 5 major facts.

1. Rich Media: A single picture is capable enough to translate a message better than an average sentence. This is where push notifications can help you with. Push notifications can carry rich media. You can add images, graphics, emojis, gifs, videos, etc.

This will create an eye-catchy effect thus will motivate the audience to open and see the notification. This means the audience is going to visit your platform thus the possibility is high that they like your product or services. This further means that the possibility of a sale on the spot is high especially as compared to other techniques.

2. Segmentation and Personalization: If we consider other marketing techniques, most of them are not customer-oriented. By customer orientation we mean, they are not user-specific. A single product or service is advertised for all. Although these techniques work but are not so effective.

But what will happen when you are going to approach the audience with the products and services of their interest? Push notifications give you this power. You can approach the audience on the basis of region, gender, age, interest, etc. This will motivate them to open and see your notification.

So the chances are high that you will be able to close the sale right on the spot. This is so because when you offer your audience with what they like, they even go for unplanned purchases.

3. Reduces Abandoned Carts: These days people are busy with their daily tasks. So they often forget things. Moreover, the competition is so high that a clever competitor can draw your customers. This is the reason why cart abandonments are increasing at an alarming rate.

This is where push notifications can help you with. The good thing about push notifications is, they regularly keep on reminding your customers regarding abandoned carts. Thus the chances are high that the customers will open the push notification and get back to your platform for final checkout..

This can increase sales at an alarming rate especially during sales when customers put items in carts and wait for the price to drop or they leave your platform to find better quality and price on other platforms.

4. Builds Solid Relationship: One of the best ways to increase sales is to build a solid relationship with the customers. The more strong a relationship is, the more will be the trust of customers for your band.

This is where push notifications play a major role. They are automated, so they reach your customers during their idle time with special offers, discounts, or even valuable information. This helps to create a strong bonding of customers with your platform. As a result, customers feel a kind of attachment and feel more comfortable while making a purchase.

This means every time they have to make a purchase, they will prefer your platform as compared to your competitors until and unless you are doing more things right than wrong.

5. Reach your customers instantly and anywhere: When it comes to emails, SMSs, or other marketing techniques they are not so effective when you have to reach maximum audience and that too on an urgent basis.

But when it comes to Push Notifications they are completely different. If a user has an active internet connection, you can reach them immediately. The good thing about push notifications is, they can increase sales on a large scale especially when it comes to flash sales. You can reach users by offering them limited-time deals and offers. This will create a FOMO (Fear of Missing out). Thus a user will go for an immediate purchase.

Moreover, you can add a call to action button, links, etc to further increase the chances of sales right on the spot.


When it comes to increasing sales, there are many techniques you can go with. But when it comes to immediate results there are a few techniques that can do a job for you. Push notifications are one of them that can bring instant results, especially during flash sales. The good thing about push notifications is, they are within the budget of almost every business owner.

About Author: Wonderpush, provides you an opportunity to boost your sales. It provides you with React Native Push notifications to target users from all around the world and that too instantly.