5 Grasshopper Alternatives you should consider in 2020

If you’re looking to elevate your customer service and provide your support team with a tool to do their jobs more efficiently, you’re probably looking at VoIP business phone systems as the perfect solution.

Among those systems, Grasshopper is often mentioned as one of the most popular choices, packed with useful features at an acceptable price targeting “solopreneurs” and small businesses.

However, Grasshopper isn’t for everyone – so you should carefully examine all other available options before making a final decision.

In this article, we will be going over the best Grasshopper alternativeswhose features, pricing plans, and other qualities might work better for your business.

#1: RingBlaze vs Grasshopper

A relatively young name in the industry, RingBlaze is focused on delivering top-quality service and advanced features to small businesses with customer service teams.

They do this by focusing on team collaboration – one of RingBlaze’s key features is the collaboration dashboard that allows your team to leave comments on calls, record them, and make sure everyone stays in the loop. Each call can also have an “owner”, a person responsible for an enquiry, as to avoid confusion and define accountability.

Apart from that, you get a lot of useful VoIP features like unlimited users, international calls, lots of free minutes, and even a website “click-to-call” button that allows your users to contact you while browsing your website.

#2: Grasshopper vs. Google Voice

Google entered the VoIP market in 2009, when they acquired the service GrandCentral and launched Google Voice. Since then, the tech giant has been providing individuals and small businesses with an affordable solution for their business phone needs.

The main reason why you would go for Google Voice over Grasshopper is its incredible ease of use. As with everything they do, Google clearly had the user in mind while creating this service, so everything is smooth, intuitive, and easy to figure out even if you’re not particularly tech-savvy.

Google Voice is also filled with great features, and even the most affordable plan includes unlimited SMS texting in the U.S, voicemail transcription, and call forwarding. The integration with the rest of the G Suite is also very natural, so if you’re a fan of the platform, Google Voice might just be the choice for you.

#3: Phone.com vs Grasshopper

Phone.com is a cloud-based solution that, like Grasshopper, targets the small business market and solo entrepreneurs.

If you take a look at its features, you can see that Phone.com simply offers more advanced options than Grasshopper. In addition to regular business phone features like call forwarding and transferring, you also get more advanced options like caller menus, queues, hold music, and custom greetings.

Phone.com also has a paying per minute model, which allows you to buy a number of minutes and scale everything up if needed. That way, you won’t end up paying extra for unlimited minutes you might not need.

#4: FreedomVoice vs. Grasshopper

Founded in 1996, FreedomVoice has been one of the earliest players in the VoIP game. Since then, it’s been acquired by the tech giant GoDaddy in an effort to further position themselves as a partner of small businesses worldwide.

The key benefit of FreedomVoice is its customization. Unlike some other services, FreedomVoice allows you to add pretty much any advanced feature to any plan. So, even if your plan doesn’t have, for example, call recording, you can purchase it separately and add it to the plan.

Additionally, FreedomVoice also offers unlimited extensions, which is an improvement over Grasshopper as well.

#5: Nextiva vs. Grasshopper

Another big brand on this list, Nextiva is one of the most popular names in the VoIP industry. It offers a lot of the same features as Grasshopper, but when you get to the more expensive plans, you really start seeing the difference between the two.

With Nextiva, you can get a screen sharing feature, as well as audio conference calls that can host 40 participants (or unlimited participants in the more expensive plans).

You can also integrate with pretty much any Microsoft app, including Teams and Outlook, but with other third-party apps that many businesses use: Salesforce, Zendesk, HubSpot, etc.

#6: eVoice vs Grasshopper

While eVoice and Grasshopper are pretty close in many categories, when you take a closer look at the two services, you can see the subtle differences that might be crucial for your business.

For example, both services offer conference calls as an option, but Grasshopper allows up to 10 participants, while eVoice allows up to 90, or even 2.000 if you choose the most expensive plan. Similarly, both eVoice and Grasshopper have a Virtual Receptionist – the only difference is that eVoice provides this service for free.

Unlimited extensions might also be an important feature you get with eVoice, especially if you’re running a larger team.

The verdict

After testing all of these Grasshopper alternatives, we can say that RingBlaze outperforms every entry on the list.

It covers all the basic features you’d expect from a VoIP service, while adding great collaboration options and some advanced features into the mix, at a very affordable price with a very transparent plan.

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