5 FAQs on Airtel Broadband Bill Payment

Airtel Broadband

Paying the bill of your Airtel broadband bill is not a difficult or complex task at all, thanks to the many options that are available for us to make the payment. The customers benefit from the easy to use interface and the transparent billing. Here are some of the most asked questions about the Airtel broadband billing that will make it easier for the customers to understand the billing process and make the most out of their Internet broadband plans.

1. How do I pay my Airtel broadband bill of an inactive account?

  • You have to visit Airtel’s website and click on Broadband tab. You will find a Bill tab on which you can click and move to the bill payment page. Now you can click on the option available on the page for payment of inactive account. At this point you have to provide all the required details Airtel Broadband or Fixed Line bill payment and submit it.

2. How do I make Airtel broadband bill payment?

  • You can make your Airtel broadband bill payment through Airtel Thanks App. You can install it from Google Play store or App Store and get started with the app to pay your bills or recharge your phone balance.

3. What are the benefits of Airtel work from home broadband plans?

  • The Airtel work from home broadband plans or Airtel Work@Home plan is aimed towards the people who are working from home. This comes with benefits such as corporate broadband priced at INR 799 with 1Gbps speed and unlimited calls. The customers can also choose to get the Priority 4G data SIM or the Corporate MiFi, both with G Suite included at INR 399. Additional benefits include provider provisioned VPN and access to conferencing services such as Google Meet, Zoom and Cisco Webex.

4. Can I make Airtel Broadband bill payment through Airtel Payments Bank?

  • Yes of course you can make your Airtel broadband bill payment through Airtel Payments Bank from any of your digital device. The process is easy and you will even be able to avail cashback on your bill payment.

5. How can I enable auto pay so my bill is automatically deducted from my account or credit/debit card?

  • You can opt for a standing instruction through your ICICI Debit card or Bank a/c or credit card. You have to provide your Airtel Subscriber details, which can be anything like your Airtel postpaid number, Airtel landline number, Standing Instruction, DTH, or your E-mail ID. You will receive notification of confirmation for the registration on the number provided. Whatever details you provided is verified with the billing system. You would need to provide your credit card details to set up the standing instruction. To confirm the registration process, you will have to carry out Rs 2 payment authorization. Once you do all of these, your Direct Debit enrollment will be completed and you will receive an acknowledgement through Email/ SMS.

If you wish to know more about Airtel broadband bill payment, you can get in touch with the customer care service.