5 Excellent Sites to Manage your Money Online

Online money managers help you keep track of all yourexpenses, income and any otherfinancial planninggoals. These managers helps to manage your financial statements efficiently.

Money managerfor your financial needs is a new trend, mostly used by youth and techies which follow this technique to track the expenses and income. And rest assured all are very safe.

1.YODLEE Money Center– Yodlee is the best money manager providing lots of useful features for tracking your finances, including mobile apps.

You can customise Yodleeusing add-on called FinApps. There are 53 choices covering taska such as tracking your spending, reminding you about bills and showing daily deals.You can add, move or edit each FinApp.

Yodlee lets you search transactions and view them on a built-in calendar. It also provides encryption and verification software to more than 150 financial services worldwide. Yodlee is the only site offering smartphone app for Android and iOS.


2. Money Dashboard- Its a flexible and easy to use money manager for managing your financial statements. This allowyou to take control of your personal finances.

Its features includebudget tool, tracking your spendings and savings for you future. It allow you to categorise transactions with a click and export your expenses to a CSV file. Budget tool offers a way to set restrictions on your spending.

This manager is partnered with several cashback, price- comparison and financial-service sites. You can add demo accounts to test this manager various features.


3. MoneyTrack-Lovemoney-MoneyTrack is the built-in money manager for Lovemoney.com, a website which includes financial news, blogs, forums, expert advice, price comparison tools, etc.

It is a standalone money manager, but it lacks outstanding features of Yodlee and Money Dashboard. It is not as secure as yodlee and money dashboard. A username and password are used to access your account.

4. First Direct Internet Banking Plus -It is a simple way to view your financial statements. You can view balances and net worth all at once. It works with Internet Explorer.

Although it is simple and easy to use, but its registration is a long procedure. The registration is four pages long and in case, if you don’t complete it fast enough, you have to start again.

5.Moneyvista -Moneyvista is an online financial planner which helps you create and maintain your own financial plan. It creates saving plans and budgets, detailed guide on various topics such as ch