5 Elements of Good Web Design

Web Design

Creating a successful website takes a great deal of skill and experience. Rather than seeking the services of a mediocre professional, itís wise to hire a distinguished web design company to help you build a remarkable site. Although itís important to create an eye-catching website that looks good, the site must achieve its bottom line Ė converting visitors into customers and generating more sales Ė for it to be considered successful.

Success doesnít just occur by accident. You have to be willing to invest your time, effort and resources on any project to make it successful. Creating a stunning web design might be costly, but the investment with prove to be worthwhile in the long run.

Here are 5 elements of a good web design:

1. Simplicity and minimalism

The best web designs include simple, minimalist templates containing few graphics. Complex web designs are often cluttered up and unattractive to look at. You want to create a website that will add value to your customers. Ensure that your cover page has an attractive design while keeping it as simple as possible. Including plain text and a call to action widget will certainly enhance the home webpage and get the message across. However, donít overdo it.

2. Optimized for mobile devices

Mobile internet traffic enjoys more than 52% of total web traffic globally, meaning that more people access the internet and visit websites using their smartphones. Therefore, itís important to design a site that will perform optimally on mobile devices. Building a mobile-responsive website will improve your brands online reach by attracting more visitors. However, a significant portion of customers still use laptops and desktop PCs to browse the internet, so optimize your website for PC viewing as well.

3. Professionally written SEO content

Customers today are only interested in businesses that offer them factual, value-added information. You need to create unique content thatís not only enjoyable to read but also relevant in the current market. Some web designers disregard this important element, so ensure you only hire the best. If your budget permits it, hire a web design agency that has an experienced team of content creators and digital marketers who can develop amazing content for your site.

4. Converting leads into customers

A well-designed website will help turn your visitors into leads, then convert those leads into devout customers. But for this to happen, you need to get the most experienced web designers on board. A website might generate a ton of traffic but still experience a low sales turnover Ė such as site can be termed as an inefficient lead converter. However, a good web designer will effectively utilize landing pages, SEO-optimized content and other elements to help your website convert more visitors into customers and generate more revenue.

5. Growth and adaptability

This is an essential facet of every successful website. As your business grows exponentially, your website will need to handle an influx of commands and requests. Get a professional who utilizes an exquisite content management system when designing your site. This way, your website will grow without jeopardizing its speed and availability.

These 5 elements are essential for designing a brilliant, well-performing website.

Image Credits: Web Design from PureSolution/Shutterstock