5 Easy-to-Use Tools That Can Convert Images to PDF

Images to PDF

JPEG (JPG) is a standard low-compression format for digital photos. The compression ratio is adjustable so that you can choose the memory size and quality. Despite its popularity, the format may not fit and you may have to switch to a suitable one. For example, convert an image to a PDF file. Of course, this requires dedicated offline software that can process PDFs from JPGs and produce the required output.

Several programs have been developed to meet these needs. To know what to look for, you need to understand the characteristics you can expect from each. Most of these programs are free, but you can purchase other programs after a trial period. Some JPG to PDF conversion tools (free downloads) is available on the Internet, while others require a local installation on your computer. Here are some reliable JPG to PDF conversion tools

1.   Gogo PDF

GogoPDF is a reliable application, which you can make use of to convert your JPG to PDF. The process to convert your images to PDF is very simple on this site. GogoPDF JPG to PDF Converter allows you to index your image library accurately. It combines multiple images into a single PDF file and automatically rotates, optimizes, and resizes the images while maintaining the file’s original resolution. To make the process faster and easier, JPG to PDF supports drag-and-drop functionality that lets you add and convert files with just a few clicks.

It reduces the stress of having to put a lot of pictures together individually. GogoPDF’s converter is fully compatible with many major operating systems, including Windows, Linux, and Mac. It is also available for several web browsers such as Safari, Chrome, and Firefox. Your privacy is protected so that no one can access your files as it is automatically removed after 1 hour of upload. JPG to PDF conversion is 100% online so you don’t have to waste time installing software.

Everything is done in the cloud and you never run out of CPU space. There are also no restrictions on file size, markup, or online storage.

2.   Small PDF

This is another application, which you can make use of to convert PDFs to images. Smallpdf is an online PDF application that helps clients to perform essential PDF capacities without downloading software.

Smallpdf gives essential capacities that are generally required and utilized, making it an optimal PDF converter for clients who work PDF consistently. This is confirmed by Smallpdf’s enormous client base, which is made out of thousands of clients and organizations.

With SmallPDF, You can quickly convert JPG images to PDF documents by dragging and dropping them into the toolbox. After loading the first file, various settings are available to customize the format of the output file. You can customize even more images by using their online service to save multiple images and combine them into one PDF file.

It uses SSL encryption to ensure that images are entirely secure in transit. No one can access the file. Files are deleted after 1 hour of processing. This online JPG to PDF converter is browser-based and works independently of the operating system. This gives you free access to Mac, Windows, or Linux applications.

3.   Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat is one of the PDF applications that was spearheaded by Adobe frameworks. This product permits you to convert, edit and also read PDF documents easily.

Even though Adobe Acrobat applications are extraordinary PDF instruments, they are affordable. In case you are dealing with a limited financial plan, and you need an across-the-board apparatus that can make, alter, explain, convert and print PDF

records then, at that point, download PDFelement. Furthermore, PDFelement has an easy-to-understand interface that requires no extra tutorial.

Over the years, Adobe Acrobat has proven to be a complete program and can be considered one of the best JPG to PDF converters today. This tool allows you to use JPG files offline without updated uploads or downloads. This also means that your files are safe and private because unwanted third parties cannot access your content. It also saves you a lot of time by working online hassle-free.

This excellent software provides very efficient customer service in case of problems. The core features are all free, but you can pay for the advanced ones. The software works very fast, so the JPG to PDF conversion is done instantly.

4.   PDFMate

When dealing with Images, the screen’s pixel dimensions and print resolution are entirely different. So when you print your invoice, what you see on the page doesn’t always match what you see on paper. However, in PDF format, you can print exactly what you want to see. There is also no denying that PDF downloads and printing are easy.

Meanwhile, it is safe to clean. Encrypting PDF files makes it more difficult for others to modify the file contents for security reasons. To avoid this risk, you can scan a document or take a photo and then convert the photo to an encrypted PDF file. PDFmate is one of the numerous tools you can use to convert your images to PDF. All you have to do is upload the file to the site, wait for it to load, and click on convert and wait for your final document.

5.   PDF Element

PDFelement is not only a free JPG to PDF converter. It can also be used as a complete program for creating and editing PDF files. It is a cross-platform software that can be used by both Windows and Mac OS X users.

The user interface is straightforward, so even beginners can easily access all the features. Users can create PDF files from JPG files and edit them easily with the same program. PDFelement allows you to change file size and image orientation.


Converting images to PDF has many advantages over JPG and TIFF image files. Image formats such as JPG are more suitable for image formats but have limitations. JPG files are generally not suitable for thumbnails or images that contain text data. It is also not suitable for photos that are frequently retouched. Also, when you print a photo, the print quality of the photo depends on the pixel size.