5 Crucial Considerations When Choosing a Borehole Drilling Service

Borehole Drilling

Today, there is a rising number of people who are joining the crusade of self-reliance in terms of energy efficiency for better environmental conservation. The past few years alone have seen a sharp increase in energy and water costs, and you do not have to be a rocket scientist to understand why. Climatic changes have become erratic today, with many countries experiencing long spells of drought. Water has become a scarce commodity across the globe, and this could be the perfect time to drill your borehole to mitigate these impacts.

Finding the right drilling service is the first thing you must consider. However, before this, ensure you have the correct answers to the following questions.

What is Their Experience Level?

When you need to hire the right borehole drilling service, it would be unwise to jump on the first one you find along the way without any proper research. Remember, this is a serious venture, and when not correctly approached, you may end up wasting more time and money. Ensure you find reliable services that have enough experience in the industry.

Which Location Will the Installation be Done?

It is easy to find space for drilling your borehole when you live on a large piece of land. However, a challenge presents itself for those people residing in urban setups where the presence of telephone, electrical, or pipeline cables among other structures hinder the installation process. For instance, a borehole may be installed right in your driveway means that you will have to spend more to fix the brickwork.

Here are some considerations for your borehole pump choice and installations:

  1. Purpose – what purpose would the pump be used for? Is it domestic use, irrigation, or filling a reservoir?
  2. Distance – how long should the water travel from the ground to the surface and into your taps?
  3. Flow rate – the quantity of water to be moved as well as the pressure required to make this possible.
  4. Refill rate – the level by which water drops in the borehole after pumping and how fast it refills when rains come.

Does the Company Ensure Enough Tests to Determine Water Safety?

Dependable drilling firms must test the safety of your borehole water and ensure no contaminants exist before allowing you to use. In most cases, filtration systems may be installed to ensure the total safety of your water.

How About Cost?

It true that drilling a borehole is expensive; however, the benefits outweigh the costs. You thus need to ask for a complete breakdown of all the drilling costs and all maintenance expenses to prevent any confusions. You can also compare several quotes to narrow down on the most affordable one. Most importantly, ensure that there are no hidden costs involved.

What Happens When Water Isn’t Found?

If all required processes are followed and water wasn’t found, you may still be liable to pay for all the drilling expenses. However, you may not be responsible for material costs for things such as downhole tools, pumps, or filtration systems, since they are of no use now.


Finding a reliable borehole drilling service can be a tricky affair. There are thousands of borehole drilling services out there today which further complicates the process of finding the right service. However, following this guideline can help you quickly find the right service that can meet all your needs.

Image credit: Borehole via bogdanhoda/Shutterstock