5 Best Watermark Photo Apps

If you’re an artist you know that you should protect your works from copyright infringement. Luckily, all you need is a proper watermark creator. Professional, yet affordable watermark photo app will help you get it done in a minute. But how to choose such a program? Let’s find out.

Features of a good watermark software

What characterizes top watermark creators? Search for an ability to:

  •     easily add a text to photo or elements such as icons and logo,
  •     create and save templates,
  •     batch watermark multiple images at once,
  •     secure a watermark against automated watermark removal,
  •     create a watermark (completely your custom made),
  •     add effects and manipulate the opacity of a watermark.

There are lots of programs which offer you a variety of features. Read on to find out more about 5 best watermark softwares below:

Visual Watermark

This app allows you to make a watermark or use built-in watermarks. It has over 260 fonts and 60 icons, effects such shadows, background, different colors, and options to resize and rotate a watermark, or to change the size of an image and crop or rename it. Visual Watermark protects also your watermark against automated watermark removal. It is intuitive, easy and offline, owing to which it is safer and faster than most of the online tools requiring good Internet connection. You can download it from www.visualwatermark.com with 30-days money refund trial.


It is a very basic free, online tool, quite intuitive, suitable for just a simple watermark. You can watermark images submitted from Facebook or Flickr, and upload it back there or save on your laptop. There are three options to choose from: tile (text all over an image), text or logo. You can batch watermark up to five pictures. One shortcoming: you have to resize and adjust transparency of a watermark before you actually watermark a photo. Once you select your watermark you won’t be able to make these changes. It is however one of the easiest online tools which for basic purposes will be just fine.


It is an online tool which allows you to watermark photos, videos and documents. It also lets you to amend colors, font type, transparency, size of a watermark, add the copyright symbol, and place it on the file manually (or as tile). You can submit the materials from your drive or a cloud. Free version allows you to watermark one file at a time and the first 30 seconds of a video. The paid version has no limits regarding the number of files or duration of videos, and allows you to choose from multiple font types, use your own watermarks and create templates.


This program is dedicated to Mac. To download it you must pay $10, which is a small price, considering the quality of this software. You can add a watermark as a text or an image (or several), add a date stamp, batch watermark multiple files, change the size of an image, convert it, compress it and edit EXIF data. It also allows you to manipulate watermark options: scale it, rotate it, adjust its opacity and color and save your usual settings.


You can always use a simple image editor, not a dedicated watermark creator. GIMP is one of the most popular and basic applications, simpler than Photoshop, but taking into consideration the fact that it is for free, GIMP looks quite promising. The app allows you to manipulate with pictures, add various effects and has options like resizing, renaming, cropping, mirroring and so on. You can also make a watermark, although quite basic one, using multiple available fonts, and if you have already a logo or a ready-made watermark, you can alter its size, position and opacity.

How to add watermark with text to photo

To add a watermark to a photo with the help of convenient app is easy and quick. You just need to upload a picture, choose your watermark and place it where you need it. Then change its size when required and adjust the opacity to elegantly fit the style of the photo.


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