5 Best URL Expanders for Knowing the Shortened Links on Web

URL expander online services sounds crazy but they are not. When URL shortenerhit the internet many social networks like Twitter, Facebook widespread shortened URLs use, people are comfortable clicking them. However, there are many possibilities of confronting dubious links.

URL Expander are the solutions to this problem. They are the online tool for expanding short URLS and revealing the real source link.

Take a look of these five URL expansion services, and let us know in the comments about your choices and any other sites you use.

1. Where Does This Link Go?– A minimalist design solution to determine the destination of a unrecognized URL. It takes a shortened URL and displays the final destination.

2. LongURL- This is a safe and convenient web browsing solution to determine the destination from shortened URLs.

3. URL X-ray- This identifies short URLs all over the web without clicking. But, it doesn’t guarantee the safety and appropriateness of the destination sites.

4. LinkPeelr- This solutions peels off short URLs to reveal the destination. In Chrome, It reveals the full URL when you hover over the short URL.

5.Sucuri-This offers a free link checking service. It gives you the destination URL with safe optionsfrom short URLs .