5 Best Tools For Building The Best Mobile App

Tools For Building The Best Mobile App

Mobile apps have become an integral part of todayís business landscape. Brands looking to reach a wider audience and build stronger relationships with their customers build apps to boost their businessís success.

In a world where everyone spends a massive amount of time on their mobile devices, itís no surprise why more and more companies are shifting their focus from physical store and website-based sales to app-based revenue. If youíre looking to build an effective app for your business, here are five tools you should check out.

Five tools for your businessís mobile app

1.   Smartlook

If youíre looking for a tool to optimize your mobile appís effectiveness and revenue power, Smartlook is definitely worth looking into. This tool lets you analyze user behavior in an impressive number of ways.

By recording website and mobile app users, Smartlook gives you valuable insights into how your customers use your app. It shows you where your appís users are facing difficulties and helps you identify elements that are blocking or hampering conversions.

By putting you in your customersí shoes, Smartlook makes mobile app optimization easy through data-driven decisions. That way, youíre not left wondering why your app isnít producing the kind of results youíre after. This tool can identify potential issues as early as possible so you can implement the necessary improvements before these issues can cause significant problems for your appís reputation and ratings.

2.†† Sketch

Sketch is a fantastic UI/UX tool for app designers. We particularly like it for designing headers, tabs, symbols, and buttons and prototyping apps. Its wireframing process is renowned for its quickness and efficiency, which is also why itís popular among designers in tech giants like Apple, Google, and Facebook.

What makes Sketch even better is that it doesnít require you to dedicate lots of system resources just to run it. So even if you donít have a state-of-the-art setup, youíre still going to get great results from this tool. The platform is snappy and intuitive, making productive work easy to achieve.

3.   Testdroid

Testdroid by Bitbar Technologies is a cloud-based tool that facilitates app testing on various gadgets running iOS and Android. It allows both manual and mechanized testing and will enable you to minimize development costs considerably.

Testdroid uses more than 300 Android gadgets for testing before an app is released to the app store. Not only is it swift and portable, but it supports access to data from phone sensors (like the GPS), as well.

4.   App Radar

App Radar is a great tool to have once youíre ready to release your mobile app to the world. You can use it for app store optimization (ASO) — meaning it will help you rank higher on the app store and reach a wider audience.

App Radar tracks key metrics, existing keyword ranking, and any potential new keywords you can target on the app store. You can also keep tabs on competing appsí search and ASO strategies using this tool.

5.   AdMob

If youíre looking to increase revenue via ads on your mobile app, Googleís AdMob is one of the best mobile app analytics tools available to you. Monetizing an app via ad placements might seem simple at first thought, but you could be losing out on a significant amount of revenue if you donít optimize the ad formats you use on your app.

AdMob provides actionable insights about how your users interact with your app and the ads contained in it. This allows you to identify high-performing ad formats and customize the appís UI/UX to strike an optimum balance between user experience and revenue.


Building a mobile app is easy, but building an effective app that brings in revenue and crushes the competition is an enormous task. By taking advantage of these tools for mobile app design, building, and optimization, youíre giving your business a much-needed leg up in todayís hyper-competitive world.