5 Best Tech Presents for Musician

Wireless Speakers?

It isnít easy to surprise musicians, but if you want to make a useful and relevant present, itís better to choose professional and customized tech items, which allow enjoying the music creation, listening, and performing.

Midi Controllers

The 88 key midi keyboard controller is one of the most popular devices among musicians. Its fully weighted keys with a hammer mechanism help to create absolutely different songs and music effects. Some features permit reproducing the rhythm pattern automatically, for example, the 16th notes on the hi-hat, providing great accuracy and high speed of performance. Modern models have a function, which splits the keyboard to work with 2 different sound sets. The control of software parameters usually appears with 24 assignable Q-Link knobs, buttons, and faders.

Wireless Speakers

These small but powerful units are able to fill the room with the music and present clear sound without interference. Generally, such models have 2000mAh batteries, which make it simple to listen to the music during the 5-6 hours. The speaker with the 80dB volume will be sufficient only for a small room. If you want to have acoustics for parties or plan to fill a large room with sound, itís better to choose the unit with a volume of 95Ė100dB. The presence of the standard 3.5mm input makes it easy to connect your smartphone or player via a cable.

Vinyl Player

Now vinyl players are back as a popular trend, and modern audiophiles note the surround, almost tangible analog sound with a wide spectrum of a dynamic range, while the digital sound is subjected to compression. This device presents highly accurate transmission of real music sound, which was recorded in the pre-digital era (until the late 1980s). The owner also gets the aesthetic satisfaction from collecting vinyl records and from the playerís exclusive look.

Shower Speaker Suction Cup

Most models of waterproof speakers have a rounded and flat shape with a diameter of about 5.9 inches. All models are equipped with a Bluetooth module that allows you to transfer music over the wireless protocol from any device (smartphone, tablet PC, etc.). Another useful function is the ability to receive a call and talk to the subscriber being directly in the bathroom, without bothering to wet the phone, which can be safely left in the room. If you wish, you can take these speakers with you to the park or for swimming with children in the pool/sea.

Smart Ukulele

The Hawaiian guitar contains electronic components and is ready to become a great teacher for musical notation learning. It has small dimensions and only 4 strings. After synchronizing the smart ukulele with a mobile device via Bluetooth, the companion program will take up the training of musical basics through the 72 LEDs, placed on the fingerboard. The LEDs will become an indicator and show the musician exactly where to press the strings in order to play a chord. The device allows learning nearly 100 available songs in the app. The ukulele weighs 500g, is made from Indonesian rosewood, and contains the 800mAh battery, which provides autonomous operation.

Image Credits: Wireless Speakers from LDprod/Shutterstock