5 Best Smart Watch You Have to Consider

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Since the appearance of Apple Watch a few years ago, many companies in the field of technology have created smartwatches or practical gadgets in the form of smart watches which can be connected to your mobile phone.

Some brands such as Samsung, Sony and even manufacturers from China such as Huawei and Xiaomi create smartwatch products with quality that is not inferior to the smartwatch created by Apple.

With so many smartwatch variants offered, several companies are competing to show which smartwatch is the best. For those of you who are confused when you want to buy a smartwatch and want the best product, here are the 5 best smartwatches in 2020 that you can consider buy.

1. Huami Amazfit GTS

Amazfit is a successful sport smartwatch from Huami (Xiaomi sub-brand). After releasing the previous generation of smartwatch, the Amazfit GTR, Huami released the newest smartwatch, the Amazfit GTS, which has features and designs like Apple Watch.

Amazfit GTS smartwatch is equipped with dimensions of 43.25 x 36.25 x 9.4 mm made of aluminum alloy while the screen is protected by Gorilla Glass 3 with AMOLED screen. Amazfit GTS has a resolution of 348 x 442,341 ppi.

Since Amazfit GTS is a sport smartwatch, there is no need to concern of using it in the water. Amazfit GTS has been supported by waterproof feature that can survive under water with a depth of 50 meters. This smartwatch features 12 Mainstream Exercise Modes that are useful for tracking sports activities, such as running, treadmill, walking, cycling, and other outdoor activities.

For the power, Amazfit is equipped with a 220 mAh battery capacity. This smartwatch can last for 14 days with daily use mode and 46 days with basic watch mode. This product from Huami is very easy to connect with various devices using Bluetooth and NFC.

With features and a qualified design, Huami Amazfit GTS is priced at Rp 2.5 million. You can buy this smartwatch in the Indonesian marketplace.

2. Apple Watch 5

It is undeniable that Apple is a technology company that often creates sophisticated and sophisticated products. In 2020, it’s certainly hard not to put Apple Watch 5 into the best smartwatch category this year.

Even in 2019, Apple’s smartwatch, Apple Watch 4, has become a smartwatch that has sophisticated features, high sales charts, and cool when used by everyone.

Apple Watch 5 has a design that is almost no different from the Apple Watch 4. This smartwatch is designed with titanium material and measures 40mm and 44mm. This Apple product already has an always on display (AoD) feature. The purpose of these features is to make it easier for us to see our watch without having to move our hands.

The battery from Apple Watch 5 has a relatively long life. This smartwatch is proven to last up to 18 hours even though the screen is always on. This smartwatch battery is fairly economical because it is equipped with a refresh rate that can change according to usage.

 This United States manufacturer provides its products with electrocardiogram (ECG) features that are able to monitor our pulse. Apple Watch 5 is equipped with a compass feature that will help us when we are traveling somewhere.

For the price, this smartwatch falls under premium category with a price tag of Rp. 7.5 million. Of course, high prices are comparable to classy quality.

3. Samsung Galaxy Watch 2

Samsung also does not want to be outdone by other brands to create the latest smartwatch. Galaxy watch 2 has a design display with a diameter of 40mm and 44mm and a larger Super AMOLED screen compared to the previous generation.

Galaxy Watch 2 brings a gear wheel experience that allows users to scroll through menus from the touch screen. This smartwatch is equipped with a running trainer that helps us reach the target in sports.

Features like the gym tracker, sleep tracking and stress manager are also equipped with the Galaxy watch. Gym tracker aims to make it easier for those of us who like the gym, the sleep tracking feature makes it possible to measure sleep quality, and stress managers that remind users of the level of perceived stress.

This South Korean company complements the camera controller feature that connects the smartwatch with the cellphone camera and allows us to take photos directly from our watch.

This smartwatch is also IP68 certified, which is an anti-water certification. Galaxy watch 2 has an internal memory capacity of 4 GB and 784 MB RAM.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 2 has a selling price of Rp 4.2 million for the size of 40mm and Rp 5.5 million for the size of 44mm. 

4. Fossil Gen 5

Fossil created Fossil Gen 5 with a more stylish design compared to the previous generation. Fossil Gen 5 is a 44 mm smartwatch that is supported by a 1.28 inch OLED screen.

This smartwatch has two different variants, namely Carlyle and Julianna. Both models use stainless steel and a 22mm strap.

Fossil Gen 5 is equipped with speakers and microphones that allow us to receive or make calls. This smartwatch is also supported by 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of internal memory. This fossil product also offers various features such as sports detectors, GPS, NFC, WiFi, Bluetooth and heart rate sensors.

Fossil Gen 5 can be connected with Android 4.4 and above and iOS 9.3 and above. The price of this smartwatch reaches Rp 4.2 million.

5. Huawei Watch GT 2

Huawei Watch GT 2 is equipped with a Kirin A1 chipset that can increase battery life. This chipset integrates a Bluetooth unit, powerful audio and a low power consumption application processor.

We can connect the smartwatch with a smartphone up to a distance of 150 meters using Bluetooth. Huawei GT 2 46 mm uses a 1.39 inch HD AMOLED touch screen and strap sizes are 46mm and 42mm. This smartwatch has 15 sport modes that are perfect for those of you who like to exercise both indoors and outdoors.

The TruSleep 2.0 feature is also embedded in this smartwatch that is useful for monitoring heart rate, breathing and assessing sleep quality. We can buy a Huawei Watch GT 2 for around Rp. 2.8 million.

We have summarized some of the best smartwatches in 2020. Do you already have one of the above smartwatches? Or do you want to buy the best smartwatch above? Hopefully this article can help and guide your shopping decision.