5 Best Sites To Download Free And Legal Concert Recordings

The internet is full of resources, it also allows you to connect and create a community with like-minded people.

There are thousands and millions of communities created on the internet and increasing day by day.

The most famous and large community is of Music. People love to share their thoughts about latest music, concerts and classics.

Because of this, a new file sharing was born called BitTorrent that allows users to share files easily. In this technology, files stored in certain pieces separately on multiple computers. This allows users to download these files from multiple locations at the same time. For more information on BitTorrent, check out the Wikipedia link.

But, from quite some time, BitTorrent becomes the way to share copyrighted materials. Though, there are few websites also called LegalTorrents that allows you to download torrents that are free and legal. In this article, we are gathering websites that offers you to download free live concert recordings.

To download them, you need to download torrent client first like utorrent for windows and Vuze for Mac/Linux. So, have a look on SaveDelete’s compilation of 5 best sites to download free and legal concert recordings. And if you know some other site that you feel suits best in this list, please share with our readers in the comments section below.

1. BT Etree

2. COtapers

3. InternetArchive

One of the most reputed site when it comes to checking out the archives.

I have been using this website for checking domain names previously registered and also how do they look on a date from history. The real true meaning of Archive, is on this website.

Check it out.

4. Sugarmegs

5. MusicWeb International (link to other free sites)