5 Best iPhone SE, 5S, and iPhone 5 Cases Available in 2019

We have been taking look at a few of the best iPhone SE covers of different styles, types, and categories and posting about them on my blog. You can find inexpensive iPhone 5s/5 cases under 20 USD (but of fine quality, without any doubt) or the ones kick stand so you can smoothly watch films on your mobile simply. Of if you are looking designer and stylish cases, here I covered them too. But what is the finest of them all?

It is a hard call to pick the best one as we sat down and chooses some of my favorites and come up with the list of some best cases from across a range of types. If you are looking to purchase iPhone 5 case, but are not sure of what sort to get to go with, this might help you lot.

1.Speck Candy Shell Grip

Should you want to case with some ergonomic touch, speck candy shell grip would be the perfect item to go. This case sports rubber ridges which offer much-enhanced hold. The solid exterior and smooth interior let the case to ward off impact simply. And with beveled edge in the offing, the display does not touch the surface when mobile is laying face down.


iPhone 5s Back covers series are designed to provide required safeguard to your mobile while assuring the elegance remains intact. And this is what makes them so amazing. Dual material creation reinforces the cover to beat out nasty bums with ease. Also with the elegant finish, it fits smoothly in your palm. Because of the raised bevelled edge, the display has solid guard scuffs and these covers come in exceptionally attractive colors.

3.Crust Transparent Case

This clear cover from crust would be a fine option if you decide to flaunt your mobile. This hybrid look is bolstered by the solid PC and soft rubberized TPU. Due to the blow of resistant creation, the case should not find it hard to fight out the blow from unintentional shocks. And with the unique UV resistance, the iPhone SE cover does not lose clarity and you’ll be capable to choose out this extremely durable clear cover in 5 shades.

 4. Slim Armor

When there’s a discussion for an attractive and rugged cover, the one name that’d be at the top is Spigen Slim Armor. Double layered creation with the impact resistant makes this case very protective. And with the bumper, the sides offer a completely secure grip. Elevated edges both sides, case make sure that the touch screen can camera has the necessary protection to keep scuffs at a fair space.

5. Silk Wallet Slayer Vol.1

How about getting trendy wallet cover? Wallet Slayer Vol.1 from has an impressive look and comes with a hidden slot on the rear direction. The concealed space can house up 3 cards and also some money. It has reinforced inner to fight out the unwanted shock. Plus the sides are elegant and feel solid grip. And if you prefer vibrant shades, you’ll get the option to pick this in some stunning models like charming pink, hot red and more.

Image credit: iPhone Cases via Vall Rade/Shutterstock

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