5 Best Essay Writing Tips

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“The Pen is mightier than the Sword” is a well-known saying from the legend, Shakespeare himself. The words have a profound impact on reader’s thinking and thought process. The words can change the entire society with powerful messages it delivers. It can transform the world with its influential might. But pen along is not enough to turn you into an effective writer. Many of think that we are great writers, but it isn’t often the case. Inspiration remains to be a significant aspect of effective essay writing.

But it isn’t the key factor alone. When it comes to conventions of English essays, it is much more formulaic than we actually think. Here, we will discuss top 5 essential essay writing tips that you should follow especially if you are a professional paper writing service. Following these tips, you can completely transform your essay writing skills and leave a lasting impression on the reader.

Tip 1

The first tip that you should always consider while writing an essay that you define the paragraph structure of the essay. Any standardized paragraph structure has three essential sections namely,

  1. The Introduction
  2. The Body Paragraphs
  3. The Conclusion

Even though this structure might seem formulaic, but the main notion behind this is to make it convenient for the reader to go through and navigate the ideas which are presented in an essay. If your essay has this above-mentioned structure, then the readers can easily and quickly find and understand the information which is relevant for them. Any professional paper writing service that specializes in writing essays follow this tip to the core. It makes it stand out of the competition and helps it to present the information in a structured and meaningful way. Now let’s look at these sections that we mentioned.

1. The Introduction

The major goal of the introduction is to propose the notion of the essay and present your position, also as known as the “base argument” or “thesis” on the issue which you are addressing. However, an efficient introductory paragraphs can do much more than that. Before you even start with this thesis statement, the essay should have the “hook” which grabs the reader’s attention and urge them to continue to read on.

Once you have got the reader’s attention or got him “hooked,” you can now move on to your position on the issue, i.e., the argument or the thesis. Remember that the thesis should be as clearer as it could be, and it should be a one-sentence explanation of your argument or position on the issue which doesn’t leave any doubt in the mind of the reader about which side you are going to present in the essay, right from the beginning.

While following the thesis, you should also offer a mini-outline which previews and presents the examples that you are going to use to support and validate your thesis in the rest of your essay. It should not only tell the readers what should they expect in the paragraphs but also should provide them a clearer understanding of what essentially the essay talks about.

At last, you need to design the last sentence in this fashion which adds the benefit of seamless movement of the reader to the first paragraph of the paper’s body. By following this way, you can essentially understand that basic introduction doesn’t have to be much more than three to four sentences long. In case your introduction is much longer, try to edit it down to improvise your essay. A good paper writing service makes sure that the introduction is well laid out and concise.

2. The Body Paragraphs

The body paragraphs are essentially the middle paragraphs of the essay. The major purpose of a body paragraph is to outline the details of examples which support your thesis.

When it comes to first body paragraph, you need to use the strongest argument of yours or the most significant example. This should be done in case you are not writing a more obvious and expressive beginning post, especially which is required. The first sentence of this particular paragraph must be the topic sentence of your paragraph which is directly related to the example that is listed in the introductory paragraph’s mini-outline. Once you have done that, you have to explain the reason why this particular example proves your thesis. Essentially, you have to seal the deal by being direct in proving why a particular example is relevant. Body paragraphs’ first sentence needs to contain a lot of individual excerpts for it to be truly effective. It should be open with a transition that shows a change of one idea from the next. It should also have a common link which ties down all of the body paragraphs together.

A professional paper writing service is quite careful when it comes to writing the body paragraphs. It provides it the opportunity to present the ideas in a seamless fashion with more connectedness of ideas. The examples should be duly relevant to the thesis and should also provide explanatory details that you intend to offer with them. Summarizing the complete richness of any given an example in few lines can be difficult. So try to make your best effort.

3. The Conclusion

Although the conclusion paragraph essentially comes at the essay’s end, it shouldn’t be viewed as an afterthought. Being the final paragraph, it essentially represents your last opportunity to make your case. It should be following with strict format.

The conclusion is considered to be as a second introduction since it essentially contains many of the same features of the introduction. Although it doesn’t have to be too long, a three to four well-crafted sentence is sufficient enough. It can essentially make or break an essay.

An effective conclusion generally opens with a concluding transition, and it is actually an allusion to the “hook,” which we described and used in the introductory paragraph. Once you do that, you should directly offer a restatement of the thesis statement of your essay.

The conclusion is the fourth or fifth time that you have reiterated your thesis while you should use a wider range of words in the body paragraphs which is an acceptable notion to few of the original language which has been used by you in the introduction. It provides an echoing effect which not only offers reinforcement of your argument but also manages to ties it nicely to the second essential element of the conclusion: a brief which is a two to three words review of the major three points from the paper’s body. An established paper writing service lays a special emphasis on the conclusion of the essay.

Tip 2

Although it may seem to be a wastage of time, it is quite essential to better brainstorm and draw an outline before you start your essay. It allows you to find the best possible supporting ideas rather than finding the first ones which come to your mind, and then you position them in your essay accordingly. When it comes to your best supporting idea which is essentially the strongest one which makes your case as well as the notion that you have the best knowledge, should always go first. It should be noted that even in case of best-written essays, they can simply fail just because of ineffective placement of the arguments.

Tip 3

When it comes to defining the effectiveness of the writing, sentences as well as the vocabulary of different complexity is considered to be the most essential aspect. Whenever you are writing an essay, try to make sure that you don’t use the same words as well as phrases over and over again. It doesn’t actually mean that you need to act like a walking thesaurus, but you should write with little variance in order to make sure that the same idea which you put forward appears sparkling.

For example, when it comes to writing about “money” you can use the words “wealth” or “riches”. Try to avoid starting your sentences with the dull pattern of writing the subject first, then the verb and then the direct object.

Tip 4

Try to be concise in your writing even though you have to explain a lot of thoughts in your essay. Making unnecessary long statements can actually reduce the attention span of the reader, and they may actually lose the interest in your essay. Make sure you put across your arguments in organized yet simple fashion. Don’t use non-essential words and sentences which can actually make the reader get bored with your essay. It is important to present your ideas seamlessly without losing the flow.

Avoid longer sentences to make sure that your keep your readers “hooked” on your writing, and they get hold of your notions and understand what you are trying to convey. By being concise yet rich in your sentences, you can leave a lasting impression on the readers. An experienced paper writing service often follow this tip to make sure that it churns out readable and attention-grabbing essays to entertain and educate along with convincing the reader.

Tip 5

The final tip that we want to put special emphasis is that you need to practice a lot. Good writing doesn’t come without making a series of efforts and experience. Even though we have tried to explain everything that you need to know to write an effective essay as clear and concise, it is actually harder than it appears. Without practice, you won’t be able to use these tips with effectiveness and write high-quality essays. So, we recommend that you should practice writing various sample essays on a variety of topics. Even if you fail to write a masterpiece in first few attempts, a regular practice will certainly change the quality of your writing and make you better prepared when you actually require to write an impressive and spell-bounding essay.