5 Advantages and 3 Disadvantages of Including Images in Your Email Signature

I see there are several queries in people’s mind regarding professional email signature. Today I Aabhas Vijay from www.smtpservers.co, a blog on using free SMTP servers and free email autoresponder will clear all your doubts regarding this.

Many of them are related to specific doubts about how to implement the signature in the different mail managers; Gmail, Yahoo, etc. But many others have to do with whether or not to include images in the email signature.

That is why we found it interesting to write this post, talking about something as simple as the advantages and disadvantages of including images in your email signature.

We are going to see them and we hope they help you design it in the best possible way. 

Include images in your email signature. Pros and cons

You already know the importance of having a good email signature , which provides the people who are receiving your email the information about the sender. Especially if you send a lot of emails to people with whom you have little contact.

But the email signature is not only a courtesy tool, so that they know you a little more, but it is also a powerful marketing tool that can help you to publicize your company and create a powerful brand image .

Recently, looking for tools to illustrate this post, I have tried several, but I especially liked Newoldstamp, a system that allows you to create email signatures in a very simple way . It has a free version and a pro version at an interesting price. I encourage you to try it. (It is not an affiliate link).

Here are the pros and cons of inserting images in your email signature . (You see, I take it for granted that you have a signature …)

1.- Advantages of incorporating an image in your email signature

If you analyze what captures your attention the most when you look at a screen, read a post , look at a website or open an email, it will undoubtedly be the images and the letters in bold .

Test it! You will see that it is true.

Therefore, when we think about creating our email signature, what image we want to put, if the company logo or our photo , immediately comes to mind . Because it is something that also works in our emails.

Therefore, including it has many pros:

1.1.- If it is a logo, create a brand image

The idea of transmitting the brand image that we want for our company is a fundamental aspect in any company . Having the logo in our email signature is a way to remind the person who receives the email that this is our company .

It is a subtle way of reminding our clients and contacts of our brand and they will probably remember our logo if one day they see it out there .

1.2.- Your image in the firm gives confidence

Including your image in the signature of your email gives confidence to who receives it, because you are seeing the person behind that email. You know that it is not a robot, but that a person has taken the trouble to write that email for you .

Although it sounds a bit strange, even for the automated emails that are sent for example when someone registers on our blog or downloads a resource from our website, including our photo implies that you have worked the email in all its details . Personally, I identify it as a sign that the person who sent me the email in a certain way thought of me when they wrote the email. And I think that’s good.

1.3.- The image helps you sell

Yes, putting an image in your signature, regardless of whether it is the logo or your photo, can also help you sell or inform about a new product or service . For example, imagine that you include a banner to your new online course or to an event in which you are going to participate.

Without a doubt, it will be something that attracts attention and what the person receiving the mail will notice. It is a medium that we use little for this type of thing, but it can be very useful.

Do you dare to try it?

1.4.- An image attracts the user’s view

We have already commented on it before, including an image attracts the view of users , makes them notice your image, and with it the elements that are around it, such as your name, your company’s web address or social profiles .

Don’t assume that the people who receive your emails already know everything about you or your company, and subtly encourage them to look at your social profiles and your website .

1.5.- Aesthetically, an email signature with images is much more beautiful

Without a doubt. A signature with an image, be it yours, your company logo or a small banner promoting your star product , is much more attractive than a signature without images.

If you are an artist, the image can even be a small work of art, which we would not like you to overlook, because you see that it can bring you a lot of advantages .

2.- Disadvantages of using an image in your email signature. When is it a bad idea

You already know that nothing is perfect and that generally everything has its advantages and disadvantages. In the case of email signatures , there are also some points that are not so positive and that you will have to take into account.

Which are?

2.1.- Some email managers do not support images

Surely this has ever happened to you if you handle different email systems. It’s a shame, but that’s the way it is. An image can be a source of spam or virus, so some managers directly delete it or send it as an attachment.

Sometimes a gray box is displayed where the image should go. It usually happens in Outlook for example, so the previous argument that aesthetically an email improves with an image in the signature, would not be applicable in this case. You can try our safest email providers to send safe emails.

2.2.- Resource consumption is higher

Logically sending an image in your email consumes more resources than sending it without an image. The best thing if you are going to upload an image is that you adapt the size and weight of the image to the space that you are going to give it.

You do nothing with uploading a very large image when you will not have enough space in the signature to place it.

2.3.- Email chains can be very long

It is a minor problem, but it can cause some discomfort. The point is that when you send an email, you get a response. If you reply again, an increasingly long chain of emails is created . If you have not been careful not to add your signature to each answer, they will accumulate and will force both the other person and you to do a lot of scrolling to reach the end or check a previous email.


As you will see, you have to decide if the pros of including images in your email signature outweigh the cons . It is clear to me and I include the SMTPServers.co logo in some emails and in others my own profile photo, depending on the objective I want to achieve .

In your case, with the arguments for and against that we have seen, I hope you can decide. But as always, only when you try it will you be able to decide what is better or worse for your business .

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