4 Ways To Market Your Law Firm Blog

4 Ways To Market Your Law Firm Blog

Many law firms these days have gotten more into blogging as a way to keep their clients informed and as a way to make themselves to be a higher profile expert in their type of law. We spoke to one auto accident lawyer on how they increased traffic to their blog and this is what they had to say.

Guest Post

Guest posting on another law blog or website dedicated to law will help you to increase the traffic to your site. One of the best ways to do this is in your author biography on the website youíre guest posting on is to provide a link where people can visit your site.

You can land guest posting spots by e-mailing websites with article pitches followed up with your credentials. Keep these e-mails short and know that guest posting spots can be difficult to attain, so the more research and e-mails you send, the higher your success rate.

E-mail Subscription

Create an e-mail subscription for your blog. This is a sure way to get people returning to your blog again and again each time you post something new. You can set up an e-mail base through a subscription service such as MailChimp. Build a few subscription boxes on your website and continue marketing your blog to grow the list.

Social Media

Social media is a great method to promote your blog and all of your posts. Start with Facebook and Twitter and work on increasing your following. You can do this through paid advertising, or just being really active. Social media in turn will likely be where the majority of your traffic comes from as it is for most blogs. Remember to add sharing options to all of your posts as well.

Paid Advertising

If you have some extra money to spend on your blog because you know you want your law firm to be known for it, use it to advertise your blog. You can buy ads on social media such as Twitter and Facebook or get Google Adwords to help you drive in traffic. Paid advertising is a guaranteed way to get hundreds of people to your website for only a few hundred dollars and they will all be targeted to your demographic.

Setting up a blog is a lot of work, so make sure to spend a lot of time promoting it. In fact, many industry experts advise that 80% of your time blogging isnít spend writing, but actually promoting. Keep this in mind so you understand just how important it is as you continue going forward with your blog.