4 Ways to Make Money If You Canít Stand Being Indoors All Day

Make Money staying indoor

If you feel like youíre stuck behind your desk, you are not alone. Forbes.com reports that sedentary jobs in the U.S. have increased more than 80% since 1950.

A behind-the-desk job can negatively affect your physical and mental health. However, we have four ways you can make money outdoors.

1)   Dog Walking

You probably know some busy people in your life that own a dog. They are so caught up with their work and family lives that they sometimes donít have the time to exercise their pups.

These people are more than willing to hire someone who will walk their dogs. Spending 20-30 minutes outside with a happy pup is a great way to liven up your workday!

To get started, find clients close to where you live. This will cut back on travel time and expenses.

You can find clients on your own and keep all of the profits. Or, some dog walkers use apps like Rover to find their clients. While these apps will take a cut of your profits, you wonít have to work as hard to find your customers. 

2)   Poultry Farming

This one is definitely outside the box, but it could be a viable option for you.

Poultry farming is the practice of raising and breeding birds. Poultry farmers typically raise and breed birds like geese, chickens, turkeys, and ducks.

The end goal is to sell their eggs or meat for human consumption. Some farmers even sell their birds as pets or show birds.

Poultry farming will require some work and research on your part. You need to learn how to ethically care for your birds, which includes how to feed and house them properly. You should purchase supplies for your farm like plumbing equipment and feeding troughs from reputable poultry equipment suppliers.

3)   Outdoor Instruction

Becoming an outdoor instructor will largely depend on where you live, skill level with specific outdoor activities, and your level of experience. For example, those who live on the coast could offer swimming or surfing lessons. On the other hand, prospective instructors in northern states could teach people how to ski or ride a snowboard.

This kind of work is often seasonal, so take that into account when planning where your income is coming from.

If your heart lies outdoors but you arenít particularly sporty, consider becoming a hiking guide. You can educate enthusiastic tourists about the sights in a nature park.

During the summer, you could also assume a role as a camp counselor. This person is responsible for leading activities and creating a safe and enjoyable environment for campers.

4)   Headstone Cleaning

This one may seem a bit odd, but there is a need for it. Family members want to keep their loved onesí headstones in pristine condition. However, this can be difficult if they donít live in the city where their loved one is buried.

Thatís where you can help out. A family will often hire a headstone cleaner to perform basic maintenance and take care of their loved oneís memorial. Itís a honorable position that gives you plenty of time outdoors.

You can get started by performing your services for friends and family members. Build up a client list in different cemeteries around your city. Soon enough, youíll spend all day outside picking weeds, planting flowers, resurfacing concrete slabs, and repainting tombstones.

Conclusion Taking the stairs instead of the elevator and using a standing desk at your sedentary job wonít be enough to escape the tortures of office work. Start making money with one of these outdoor jobs today!