4 Ways To Make Home Cleaning A Breeze

Washing Machine with clothes

Most of us appreciate waking up and coming home to a clean fresh home. We also like welcoming friends and family into a clean inviting space. However, when cleaning time comes around, many of us can easily name five activities wed rather be doing. Herein lies the home cleaning conundrum.

Rest assured, there are several smart ways to make cleaning less of a chore whether you call a small studio apartment or large corner lot your home. For instance, you can get a new wet dry vacuum for multitasking floor cleaning or hire a cleaning service for deep cleaning. Keep reading for all four ways to make cleaning a breeze.

Create less mess

It stands to reason, the less mess we create, the less there is to clean up. And with less to mop, wash and toss, cleaning shouldnt feel like such a chore. Here a few ways to reduce messes at home:

  • Dishwashing

Have each family member use the same plate, cup and cutlery throughout the day so there are less dishes to wash.

  • Garbage/recycling

Focus on eating more whole foods than packaged or take-out meals to reduce paper and plastic waste.

  • Laundry

Protect shirts and blouses from underarm odor and deodorant stains by wearing a t-shirt beneath. This way you may not need to wash blouses, shirts and sweaters as often.

Choose multitasking appliances and cleaning tools

Opening a utility closet or bathroom cupboard thats packed with cleaning supplies can be totally daunting. Who has time for sweeping, mopping, vacuuming and sorting through various cleaning bottles, rags and sponges.

You can reduce the number of cleaning supplies needed and reduce the time you spend cleaning by employing these multitasking products:

  • Wet/Dry vacuums

A wet/dry vacuum cleaner handles both wet and dry messes with powerful suction. The best wet dry vacuums allow you to effectively clean hard floors, carpets and furniture without having to pull another tool from the closet.

  • Homemade cleaning products

Many eco-conscious households prefer the use of homemade cleaning products to chemical-laden store-bought solutions. And many are able to clean multiple kitchen and bathroom surfaces with simple household ingredients. Being able to clean your home top to bottom with one spray bottle and a rag is definitely more appealing than carting an arsenal of best cleaning products around,

Clean one room a day

Cleaning everyday may not be the answer you were hoping for but we guarantee you, theres logic behind it. Some home and lifestyle experts suggest cleaning one room a day to avoid doing a long mass clean-up on the weekends, or before special occasions.

If the idea of spending 15 minutes a day tidying the bedroom, bathroom or kitchen appeals to you, then this could be a strategy for you and your family. Dont hesitate to get children involved with age-appropriate chores as well.

Hire a cleaning company

Hiring a cleaning company may be the exact answer you were hoping to hear. Taking this task out of your hands completely certainly frees you up to enjoy other activities without sacrificing the cleanliness of your home.

Research different companies and service offers to determine what fits best for your needs and budget. You may opt for a regular schedule of light cleaning of high traffic areas, periodic deep cleaning including walls and baseboards, or you may choose to outsource laundry.

Professional cleaning can also help you prepare to entertain with less stress. In addition to a clean home, here are some must have tools for throwing an epic party.

Whichever cleaning solutions you choose, we hope this helps you enjoy doing more of the things you love in your nice, clean home.