4 Ways to Extend the Life of Your E-Cigarette and E-Liquid

E-cigarettes are becoming increasingly popular among young adults. These products are generally viewed as safer than traditional cigarettes and they come in many flavorful varieties.

Lots of new brands have started creating different e-cigarettes and accompanying e-liquids. These specialty, high-quality products are created with a lot of thought and care.

However, even the best products out there aren’t immune to damages caused by wear and tear and heavy use. Check out these 4 ways you can get the most use possible from your e-cigarette and liquid.

  1. Don’t Let Your E-Liquid Run Too Low

If you don’t have enough liquid sitting in your vape pen, the atomizer component will not be able to draw in enough liquid. This will inevitably result in dry burn. Not only will you have to deal with an unpleasant burned taste, but you will also risk burning your atomizer out.

Avoid these issues by keeping your liquid topped off regularly. If you are vaping in a social setting, it can be easy to forget this crucial aspect of owning an e-cigarette. Try to keep it at the forefront of your mind for the sake of your vape pen’s longevity.

In the same token, do not overfill your e-cigarette with your liquid. Adding too much liquid can cause irreversible damage to the O-ring, gaskets, and other small components of your vape pen.

Every e-cigarette will come with minimum and maximum liquid levels. Do your best to abide by these.

2. Designate a Spot for Your Vape Pen

Even e-cigarettes made by high-end brands are susceptible to damage. It’s important to protect them from drops, fumbles, and ordinary wear and tear.

Depending on the in-person or online vape shop you buy from, you may receive a carrying case with your purchase.

If not, make it a priority to purchase one. Alternatively, you can attach your vape pen to a lanyard and keep it around your neck as you’re out and about.

Try to avoid storing your e-cigarette in your pockets. As easy as it is to slip your e-cigarette into your pocket on the go, it’s not the safest spot for it. One wrong bend can cause your device to snap cleanly in half.

Where you store your vape pen is ultimately up to you, but make sure you have a designated spot for it. This way, it won’t get damaged or go missing.

Vape pens aren’t cheap, so make sure you keep tabs on yours at all times.

3. Avoid Vaping at High Altitudes

As relaxing as a retreat into the mountains sounds, it’s best to leave your vape pen at home. Vaping at high altitudes will negatively affect your device.

The heightened air pressure will force air into your vape pen and cause leaks and otherwise inhibited performance.

If you live or frequently vacation somewhere that’s way above sea level, consider investing in a higher quality vape pen that can handle high altitudes.

4. Store Your E-Liquid Properly

If you have several bottles of e-liquid on hand, you may not want to use all of them right away. You’ll need to store your bottles properly to preserve the flavor and make them for your vape.

Keep your e-liquid bottles away from light and heat. Also, avoid exposing your e-liquid to too much air. While you’ll need to open the bottles to access your e-liquid, do not leave the lids off for long periods. Your best bet is to store your liquid bottles in a cool, dry cupboard with the lids secured on the bottles.

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