4 Tips To Getting The Most Out of Your Workation

the perfect workstation

After the 2020 pandemic, almost every facet of life changed as people adapted to the new normal. However, the most significant transition was shifting from working in the traditional office set-up to remote work.

Remote working is a widespread adoption that brought with it numerous benefits. Indeed most companies are developing long-term goals to have remote work environments for their employees. If companies arenít moving to a fully remote option, having a workation policy in place could mitigate some of those desires, especially for the majority of millennials who are looking for more flexibility in their hours and location.

Planning a workation can be taxing if you donít know what to consider or the right questions to ask. Here are a few things to consider in the process:

1.   Have 24/7 Internet Availability

Remote workers are more productive while working away from the office. In order to make sure you fall into that statistic, confirm with the hotel, airbnb or vrbo youíre staying in what their internet upload and download speed is. Making sure you can stay connected with your coworkers will go a long way in convincing your boss that this was a great idea and to make sure you can continue taking advantage of the opportunity in the future.

2.   Decide what type of location youíre looking for

Do you live in the big city and crave that quiet solitude of the country or the peace found deep in nature? You might want to see if you can find a farm stay or a quaint town where the locals will treat you like family.

Or maybe quiet suburban life is your norm and the idea of that downtown bustle is exciting! Look for a condo in a busy city high rise on a site like Airbnb or Vrbo to get your fix.

3.   Local Cuisine

If experiencing the local cuisine is important to you, make sure you check out whatís around the areas youíre considering. Is the city known for great food experiences or is it filled with chains?

There is no shortage of countries with unique cuisine and culture just waiting to be experienced and photographed for Insta!

4.   The Weather

Hot, humid, beach climates to cool, chilly cities, every weather craving can be met with a little research. Thereís no need to be uncomfortable either.  Heading to somewhere like Mexico in the Spring, youíll experience some hot days great for the beach, just make sure your stay has AC included so that you can cool down and get work done without the distraction of sweating out those amazing local tacos you grabbed on your way home.

Conclusion Choosing where to head next doesnít have to be overwhelming. Sure, there are a lot of details to consider, but youíll get the hang of it. In the meantime, Next Vacay has done a lot of the leg work to nail down the absolute best destinations for a workation and include all the technical specs here, check it out!