4 Smart Ways On How To Fix A Cracked Phone Screen

Cracked Phone Screen

Now, the screen of your phone is cracked. This happens to almost all phone owners and you don’t have to worry. Luckily, there is no need for you to buy a new phone and you can just repair it. Do this immediately because a single crack can worsen your phone and shatter the screen. The broken glasses are dangerous, especially if it gets in contact with your fingers or face.

Moreover, cracks can expose your phone to environmental toxins and debris. In the long run, it can affect the usability and functionality of your device. Admit it, a cracked screen is not awesome to look at any at all!

You can fix it yourself, wrap it around on a plastic screen and check solutions on how to resolve the issue permanently. Thus, here are some ways on how you can fix your home screen immediately and effectively:

Do-it-Yourself (DIY) Method

There are various repair manual sites that offer tutorials on how to fix different phone models’ screen. The site also includes a guide on what kind of parts you must buy and location where you can get them. For example, the repair kit for an iPhone 6 can be around $150. But this is cheaper than buying a new phone for yourself.

Pay for Phone Repairs

Of course, not all of us have the time and skill in fixing our own mobile phone screens. If your device has been subscribed in a device protection program of your phone company, you can have an insurance claim so a technician can fix it. For example, Asurion is contracted by Verizon for any repairs. You can have your phone fixed within one business day only at the phone and laptop repair Singapore.

You can also conduct an internet search and find a list of repair shops near your location. In Manhattan, phone screen repairs can cost around $100 and it will only take 25 minutes to do it. Remember, your phone must be protected with a password before handing it to a stranger.

Let the Phone Manufacturer or Provider Resolve the Issue

If by accident you cracked your phone’s screen during the warranty period of the manufacturer, Breakfixnow recommends you to fix it for free. They can even do it within few hours only.

However, you must remember that the standard limited warranties of the majority of the manufacturers like Samsung and Apple do not include accidents. Screen repairs which are out-of-warranty can cost around $100 and up.

Sell your Cracked Phone

Are you considering raising funds for phone replacement? Indeed, there are several sites that are interested to buy your phone even if it’s broken, like the phone and laptop repair Singaporesites. You don’t have to throw away your broken things. Turn them into cash when you sell them. You might not probably get the original price when you buy it, but at least you’ll have something that you can use for a new phone soon.

There are sites that will provide you credit for purchasing a used phone as you trade yours. Remember that you can have a better deal if you take credit instead of cash.

Image credit: Cracked Phone Screen Jan Faukner/Shutterstock