4 Reason a Student Should buy a Tablet For Studies

tablet for student

Why you should buy a Tablet?

Some people think that they donít need a Tablet phone and their laptop or smartphone is enough to do all the needed tasks. However, there are some limitations for each of this device. On the other hand, a smartphone is light in weight, the battery lasts longer but you canít access complete webpages and some sites are unable to browse on the mobile version. In any of the case, a tablets for students is a solution for the problems and remains a best friend for professionals and students. Given below are some key benefits of using a Tablet:


A Tablet gives you the portability functions of a smartphone while not affecting your experience of a laptop. Imagine a student is studying and needs some help on the way, the tablet will be a better way to carry everywhere. In professional meetings, a smart tablet gives you easy to carry all important points with you without searching for different papers.


A Tablet with you enhances your productivity. For a student, it is easier to carry eBooks of different subjects in a tablet than to carry individual book physically and add to the burden. It will not only save the cost, but eBook also saves the time of searching for your desired topic. A professional may find tablet useful because it is a fast option for reading all important emails and replying in real-time with its virtual keyboard.


This is another reason why I prefer having a Tablet instead of a laptop or smartphone. A laptop battery on its best may give you a backup time of around 3-4 hours, while because of SIM calls/ messages, smartphone battery also drains at a higher rate. Students can use it to worry less in studies for the whole day in college. For a smartphone, you are always worried that what happens if its battery drains, because all its functions will end, but this is not the case with Tablet. You can use it side by side with your phone and use it as long as the battery permits you.


Another good reason to buy a tablet is that it is easily adaptable as per your need. Now you donít need to download and install flexible programs requiring detailed registrations, your tablet will install all major Apps for you from Google Play store within minutes. You are anytime in control of what to download and where to install it. For students, they can keep video lectures in the Tablet or can access online lectures around the globe anytime from YouTube or other video services.

Of course, some people still think that after your phone getting smarter, Tablets are no longer needed; but in my opinion, some functions specifically requires a Tablet. Thus, a tablet provides great ease for students and professionals.

Image credit: Students with tablet via Rawpixel.com/Shutterstock