4 Must-Know Facts That Will Save Your First Casino Experience

First Casino Experience

The entertainment industry is pretty generous nowadays. You can find a relevant number of movies to watch, endless songs to listen to, discos, pubs, places where you can have a different fun evening with your friends.

Casinos are also part of the growing and ever-evolving industry of entertainments along with cinemas, discos, and similar venues.

The Entertainment Industry Goes Virtual

Today, the advent and quick diffusion of digital technologies allow online users to even access virtual entertainment venues. So, if you want to pick a cinema movie, you can search into specific platforms on the web and if you want to look for a live poker tournament, you can easily pick a virtual casino.

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How To Behave At A Land-Based Casino

However, the presence and growth of virtual casinos on the web shouldn’t let you think that real-life casinos are losing their prestige and importance. Not at all! Real-world casinos still keep their charm and their unique position in the entertainment industry.

If you are going to visit a land-based casino, you don’t want to make some kind of embarrassing gaffe that might attract other people’s attention towards yourself. You are a beginner, it’s true, but this doesn’t mean that you have to look like a beginner.

Learning how to behave when at a real-life casino is essential to survive in such an exclusive environment. You have to know what you are doing there and how you have to behave. Ready to get started discovering the whimsical world of casinos? Take note of the following etiquette and behavior code:

1. Casino etiquette

Every casino company has its etiquette, which is an ensemble of rules and behavioral guidelines to be well-accepted inside the casino. A relevant part of every casino’s etiquette is the so-called “dressing code”. In other words, most casinos’ dressing codes don’t allow you to step in the casino unless you are dressed in elegant clothes, a tux for men, and an evening dress for women. However, some casinos are less strict on the dressing code, so you won’t have to wear a suit and tie, just a casual outfit can be enough. It all depends on the specific casino’s company. Before you go, make sure to get well informed about the casino’s etiquette.

2. Cash betting

Differently than grocery stores or restaurants, casinos are particularly cash-oriented. When at the game tables, you won’t be allowed to place bets via credit card or debit card. Cash on hand is the general motto – keep this in mind. Another thing you may not know is that you don’t have to get chips first as you can have the dealer make the exchange at the table for you at the moment of placing your bet. It’s better than getting a ton of chips ahead that don’t help if you want to pay for other things, like a glass of wine.

3. Tipping

Although a lot of money goes around at casinos, dealers can’t touch it. When placing a bet, just tell the dealer how much you want to bet and place the money on the table, then the dealer will make the exchange with chips for you. If you want to tip during or after a game, make sure to specify your money is for tipping. At certain casinos, you can’t tip whenever you want but just at the end of the game.

4. Handling cards

When sitting at a poker or blackjack table, make sure to handle your cards with one hand only. The reason is that handling cards with two hands might make the others suspect you switch the cards. With one hand that would be very hard. At blackjack, for example, when you want to hit the cards, you have to point at the table and touch it with a finger. When you don’t want to hit the cards, just put your hand flat and wave over your bet. At card tables, rules might sound pretty confusing, get informed in advance, or ask the dealer.

Finally, make sure not to exaggerate when celebrating your first winning! Don’t jump on the tables, don’t shout too loud, don’t throw chips all around… it’s hard to resist the temptation but try to be as polite as possible!