4 Good Reasons for Installing a Roof Access Hatch

roof access hatch

If you’re in the construction business, you would have definitely heard of roof access hatches. If you’re looking for easy access to your roof for repairs, a roof access hatch makes the job safer. You can even install a roof hatch to give you ease of access to your rooftop garden!

All commercial establishments should have a roof access hatch. This makes the job of a contractor easier when roof repairs need to be done. Roofs are hazardous areas and to ensure the safety of your team, a roof access hatch is essential.

Height safety systems are implemented to guarantee the safety of your workers. In fact, most countries, including Australia, have stringent regulations in place for the construction industry. Keep your construction team happy and safe by installing a roof access hatch Melbourne workers can trust.  

But we’re not only talking about Melbourne construction workers here. It doesn’t matter where you are or who you are. If you’re looking for safe and easy access to a roof, the roof hatch is what you need. Find out four good reasons why you should consider installing a roof access hatch.

Using a Roof Access Hatch for Your Safety

The roof access hatch has been designed to make accessing roofs convenient and safe. They come in different designs, materials and with accessories. They can be used for both commercial and residential properties.

1. Height Safety System Regulations

Many industries are regulated by their governments. Height safety systems need to meet these regulatory standards. Roof access hatches fall into this category. Not only should your roof access hatch be durable and strong but also include the following features:

  • Hinges that allow for effortless opening
  • Lightweight
  • Locking systems for additional security
  • Powder coating to match roof colour
  • Quick installation features

Regular inspections of roofs are necessary for many commercial buildings. A roof access hatch also gives easy access for certified inspectors carrying out roof inspections.

2. Roof Repairs: Home and Commercial

Whether you’re a homeowner or managing a commercial property, roof repairs are inevitable. You may need to replace roof tiles blown off during a storm or the gutters need to be cleaned. Removing old geysers can be easily done with a roof access hatch.

While ladders can give you access to your roof, a roof hatch makes accessing the roof safer and easier. For commercial buildings, many stories up, a ladder wouldn’t do the job. Access ladders can be added to the roof hatch as part of the design.

3. Creating Additional Space with Easy Roof Access

How often have you dreamt about turning your flat roof into a garden? But you’re not too keen to climb up and down ladders to reach it! A roof access hatch is your perfect solution. By installing a roof hatch, you’ll be creating more recreational space and adding value to your home.

What’s more – your roof access hatch can be designed to improve the look of your interior décor. By using glass and aluminium your roof hatch could also let more sunlight and ventilation into your home. Be sure to comply with local regulations when installing your roof access hatch.

4. Air Conditioning and Generation Systems

Many commercial buildings have their air conditioning units and generating systems installed on the roofs. Gaining access via a ladder would be hazardous and the associated risks potentially dangerous. Installing a roof hatch means technicians can gain easy and safe access to these systems. Repair jobs can be carried out with minimal fuss.

Roof access hatches mean equipment can be moved on and off roofs easily. This will give technicians peace of mind while doing a repair job.

Getting the Most Out of Your Roof Hatch

While we know now the advantage of installing a roof access hatch, it’s also important to consider the following when installing one:

  • The roof access hatch must be designed according to safety standards authorised by regulatory safety bodies.
  • Reliability is key for making a roof access hatch convenient to use. They should be constructed with thick, sturdy metals such as stainless steel or aluminum. Powder coating makes them weather resistant and an attached interior ladder would add to the convenience.
  • To prevent heat loss through the roof, the roof hatch must be insulated. The thicker the insulation, the better the insulation value.
  • Your roof access hatch should be soundproof. And must have secure locking systems to prevent easy access for burglars.
  • The design of the roof access hatch should allow for easy installation and safe operation. You must be able to open the hatch with ease.

Final Thoughts

A roof access hatch is vital for every commercial property and home if you’re looking for safe entry to the roof. It adds to the convenience of carrying out any repair work or regular inspections on the roof. Accidents can be prevented. And in case of emergencies, you can easily access the roof without trying to find and use a ladder.

Installing a roof access hatch is a good idea. If you don’t have one already, consider installing one. You have plenty good reasons for doing so.