4 Common Questions About Starting a New Site in 2018, Answered!

starting a new site

Yes, its 2018 and new sites are still being released to the World Wide Web by the thousands. Despite the rapid rise of new websites on the internet, there are still companies, professionals, and other entities that dont have a website; many of them are thinking about starting a new site as we speak.

The big question remains the same: is it too late to start a new website today? Will the site be able to compete with older sites? There are a lot of commonly asked questions that may haunt you when youre contemplating making a new website, and we are going to answer some of them in this article.

Is it Too Late?

No, it is never too late to start working on your online presence. Making your own website and getting it out there are key steps to complete if you are serious about developing a strong online presence. It is an investment too. You may not be able to see the impact of the site right away, but it is an asset that you need to have.

Building a website today is also a lot easier. There are website builders for those looking to quickly establish a simple site. Platforms like WordPress add flexibility and extra features on top of the simplicity, giving you more control over the kind of functionalities and the overall look you want to present through the site.

Is it Difficult?

The answer to this question is also a big NO. As mentioned before, making a site actually gets easier with platforms like WordPress offering more features. You can start by setting up a hosting account and a domain name. Install WordPress and begin installing a theme of your choice and the plugins that you need. Add content to the site, and you are all set.

The whole process takes no more than a few minutes to complete. Once the site is up, you can start attracting thousands even millions of visitors and creating an impact online.

Then it Must be Expensive, Right?

Not really. While there are professional services you can turn to for a more complex site, creating a site is something you can generally do for free. Even hosting services are getting more and more affordable these days. You can get a decent hosting account with all the features and a domain name of your choice for as little as 1 a month.

While keeping operational costs of the site low is important, your main focus should be the sites performance and accessibility. A reliable hosting service or a cloud service may cost a bit more, but you get better uptime and higher performance in return.

My Site isnt Getting Traffic. What Did I Do Wrong?

Probably nothing. This too is an important thing to understand about starting (and owning) a website: it is not a one-time thing. You cant expect to set up the site and be done with it. You need to market it, update it, maintain the site, tweak its user experience, and make other adjustments. These small adjustments are actually taking you steps closer to success as a site owner.

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