4 Brilliant Ways People Are Using Their Smartphones as a Force for Good


As a society, we’re glued to our phones.

No surprise there, right?

Whether it’s the latest gaming craze or our Facebook status, there’s always something to eat away at our attention.

That said, phones are about so much more than just connectivity and entertainment. Savvy developers and users alike understand the potential for our devices as a force for good.

Why are smartphones the perfect tools for those looking to become more charitable, though?

Not only as such devices universal, but most apps and platforms for charity are so incredibly intuitive and easy to use. If there are an estimated 2.5 billion smartphones in the world, consider how much good could be done if just a fraction of users understood how to give back.

Speaking of which, we’ve broken down four ways people are doing exactly that. From specific apps to how smartphones are helping people are large, the following list provides some perspective on just how much modern tech can transform lives.


Fighting Poverty Abroad

Beyond typical donations, providing remittance payments back home is an essential means of survival for families in poverty-stricken countries. Expats from around the globe are relying on their smartphones to make sure those funds return home safely, providing a constant lifeline and a sense of much-needed financial stability.


Giving Back While Getting Fit

Double-dipping charity with fitness is a smart move supported by apps such as Charity Miles. In short, Charity Miles allows runners to “pledge” their miles to a charity of their chose. Through in-app advertisements, the platform generates funds while donors focus on their health and log their own miles. In short, a huge win-win for donors and recipients alike.


Turning Charity into a Game

On a related note, perhaps more people would be on board with charity if it felt more like an experience.

That’s exactly why developers have decided to gamify the process of giving through apps like Charity Tap, akin to your typical iPhone game in which points represent donated grains of rice for hungry children. Similarly, apps like Budge allow you to place bets against your friends where the bids ultimately go to charity.

Again, this model breaks the traditional concept of charity as something stuffy or reserved for those with bigger pocketbooks. Presenting giving as something “fun” is a unique approach that’s proving to work.


Automated Charity Giving

In a day and age where Americans are less charitable versus the rest of the world, anything that simplifies the process of giving is a major plus. As such, apps like Tinbox advertise that giving is as simple as posting a photo to Snapchat.

Incentivizing small, daily donations of $1 supported by major companies, this simplified fundraising model removes any potential headaches as price tag associated with traditional charity.

Despite popular belief, smartphones are so many more than time-wasters when it comes to modern society. Through the aforementioned apps and ways to give, people should rethink what their mobile devices are truly capable of and how they can be used to make a positive impact.