4 Benefits to monitoring your website upload time


In today’s world, everything has been influenced by technology. This mostly affects the world’s businesses. To sell and buy has been made easy with online shopping. This basically means that all companies or businesses selling or advertising their products and services must have a website. From surveys conducted recently, it has shown that most of the customers are interested in only online shopping. The greatest market is the people at the comfort of their homes going through products online and placing orders. It is for this reason that you should have a website for your business that needs to be carefully monitored at all time. Here are some of the benefits of monitoring your website online upload time:


  1. Improves your market sales. A good website that is up-to-date each and every minute will greatly improve your market sales. With every log with a click of a customer, you get a good credit score with Google and the more the merrier. Google reviews each and every website and arrange them in terms of the most frequented and searched for. If you monitor your website upload time, it will always put you ahead of your competitors and this will greatly increase your market sales. Websites with slow upload time are less visited are penalized by Google.


  1. Keeps the customers happy and satisfied. This is another great benefit that needs to be carefully considered as it determines the success of your business. In business, the customer is your boss and employer, without him or her, your business will fall. It is therefore important to cultivate and grow the relationship between you and your customer. A happy and a satisfied customer mean that he or she will recommend others and will be back for more. This can be achieved if the upload time is fast. If it is slow and not checked, it could lead to loss of clients.


  1. Checks up and improves your advertisement services. A good upload time will always improve your ads and add on to your market sales. As a business person, you pay for these adverts and it is therefore recommended that you get what your money is worth. New adverts are uploaded easy and fast if you have a fast upload time. If you have a slow upload time that is not checked, it could lead to great losses from advertisement investments that do not reach the intended market.


  1. Protects you from hacking. A good website with good upload time is highly protected from hacking as it highly monitored. Frequent network monitoring keeps the hackers away from your website and with a fast upload time, it will raise alarms in case of a hack. This, however, is not the case with a slow upload time website. They are prone to hacking without detection and if detected it may be too late. This could be harmful to your business as it could lead to great loss or leak of confidential data.


It would be to your greatest advantage to continually and consistently check up on your website, improve its upload time and improve the online customer services.