3 Ways to recharge your DTH online

recharge dth

Television (TV) has always played an important role in every house in India. It is being watched by people of all strata. Whether it is to keep ourselves updated with the news of the country and world or just for entertainment through cinemas and soap operas, we all have our own reasons to watch TV.

And ever since the advent of Direct to Home (DTH), the viewership of TV has even doubled. Now TV viewers get the channels of their choice under one package. They can choose the package of their choice from various options available. They can also change the packages as per their needs and get some channels of their interest added to the packages. With Airtel DTH, viewers can even take packages for up to one year. This means, they can pay the amount for one year and watch their favourite shows without any interruption and sans keep on reminding themselves about paying the monthly rental.

Now many may wonder about the process of DTH recharge. You can go to your nearest Airtel store and get the recharge done without any problem. And if you have challenges going out to carry out the recharge process, you can do it from the comfort of your home as well. All that you need is a smartphone or laptop and Internet connectivity to it. Here are three ways through which you carry out your online DTH recharge.

  1. Airtel Thanks App: You have to install the app from Google Play Store or App Store. Now make an account in the app and you can recharge Airtel DTH. As you enter the app, you will see the tab of DTH recharge. On selecting it, you have to enter the recharge amount. You can view the various DTH recharge offers available for the recharge. While carrying out the recharge, you will come across various cashback offers. Go through the cashback offers and choose the one that will benefit you the most.
  2. Airtel Payments Bank: You will have to click on the ‘Payment and Recharges’ tab. Now you would need to select DTH Recharge and enter your customer ID. At this stage, you will have to select the operator’s name. Now enter the recharge amount and simply click on ‘Pay now’. Your recharge is done.
  3. Airtel Recharge through Website: Visit Airtel’s website and by log into it by using the MPIN. Now click on the tab of ‘Payment and Recharges’. Now select DTH recharge and continue with the process by entering your customer ID and then by choosing your operator’s name. Now choose a plan from the various options. At this point, enter the recharge amount and click on the tab of ‘Proceed’.

Each of the process is very simple and your DTH rechargewill be done in just few seconds. Moreover, you can also get cashback and deals on the recharges, which help in saving a lot of money. If you face any issues while recharging your DTH, you can contact with the Airtel customer care and they will solve the problem.